5 Fortnite SECRETS I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing

I want to talk about some secrets or tips that I really wish that I would have known when I first started playing for them if you’re a very experienced player you’re probably already good enough to know these five secrets and tricks but for the ones that are just trying to get into fortnite or want to get better in Battle Royale this video is for you so grab some popcorn and relax as I school you with these awesome secrets so that you’re ready to the moment you jump off that blue school bus not to be confused with the Magic School Bus number five moving and jumping around wall mining I’ve said this a million times but building is so friggin important in for tonight imagine playing a game where you either just don’t build at all or if you do build build with very scarce resources well you won’t imagine a game where you’ll last long in if you’re trying to imagine that because I can almost guarantee you that you won’t get anywhere near the top ten without building maybe if you’re a pro you can pull it off but even then not being able to create cover or use stairs for mobility is a huge disadvantage because of this it’s important to gather resources whenever you get the chance now that doesn’t mean you should spend the entire game getting 999 of each material you’d have a better chance of winning not building over spending the entire game chopping down trees and destroying cars and bricks but what this does mean is that you should have a good amount of materials so that if you encounter someone you can build cover or if it’s close combat be able to counter their aggressive plays and get on the offensive or defensive have at least 150 of each material or at the very least have at least 200 wood.

Now a really good tip to speed up the restore gathering would be mining for materials while jumping what I mean by that is think about when you’re running towards someplace if you see a tree or rock if you wanted to mine it your character would slow down for you to grab as many of wood or brick as you want so in order to speed that up you want to not actually stop by every tree or rock you come across and instead jump when you see them and mind them in that jump and just keep on moving around the tree maybe circle around it but just keep your movement going don’t do the back and forth left and right mining because chances are you may actually walk into the sniper shot if you do this if your body is showing any kind of pattern or rhythm of moving back and forth to the same exact spots chances are the enemy is going to be able to predict your movements so you want to be completely unpredictable and just go all the way around that object entirely while you’re mining or you want to jump while doing it’s super important to move in for tonight as much as possible so you don’t get caught lacking and die I’ve had so many times where I stopped for literally just one second to do something and I get sniped in that instant there’s a very small tip that can be very useful in the long run also I know it’s extremely obvious but hit the targets while you’re mining for the longest time I did not know that hitting the targets while you’re mining actually sped up mining.

I actually have a friend of mine who’s borderline pro player and I actually showed him this and he was freaking out about it I don’t understand why but move around a lot while you’re mining and make sure to hit those targets number four building wall falling one thing that I absolutely hate is losing any amount of health possible because of a dumb fall I hate this because I always love to see a hundred health and a hundred shield no matter what I do not like seeing those three digits fall down to two even if it’s a 99 especially since bandages won’t help out I’d be forced to use a med kit or slurp juice etc to get back up 200 but I’m not that dumb so I won’t actually waste a med kit or potion just to recover one point of health I’m just mentioning this to emphasize just how annoying it is when you take a fall now that happened so much what I’m trying to slide down mountains because I may accidentally move a little to the wrong direction and not actually slide the whole time down sometimes this will take out like a max of 10 HP but then other times if it’s a big drop it will take out half of my health bar now in order to minimize this you should start building platforms under you if you’ve never tried it you can actually build them right under you as you’re dropping down a mountain and make multiple stops down with a platform which will almost guarantee that you don’t lose any health when sliding down a mountainside when you think about building you’re usually thinking about building a fort or building stairs to get up somewhere but you can also use your building materials for a temporary cushion the same goes for if you’re just trying to drop down if you’re in a fort that’s very high up and you suspect that someone could be shooting you down same thing build wall falling and you won’t take any falling damage unless of course you hit one of those weird bounces where you take falling damage.

Even though you’ve landed on a platform that’s within a reasonable amount of height and you know what happens after that number 3 slurp juices impulse grenades and rockets more specifically guided Rockets can save you in the storm and walking into the storm below 30 HP can actually be advantageous if you’re not playing so out of all the potions and other health items I think slurp juices are probably the least popular I mean they take so long for you to actually get the benefits you’re supposed to which is why people don’t really want to use them I mean who wants to wait for their health to fill up when they could be out there fighting more players and winning the game unless you’re a slow player you’d find that appealing however despite this lurk juices can be very useful in more ways than just giving you 25 extra armor and one thing it can be very useful for is for players that tend to stay too close to the storm the reason for that is because if you see yourself staying in a storm to fight players and gather loot you can drink a slurps use right before diving in or while in this storm and almost be immune to the storms effects while temporarily of course because slurps don’t last forever unfortunately but when it comes to other health items like bandages or med kits you can put them on but they won’t do much unless your health has already looked so it can immediately bring it up whereas with a slurp juice it doesn’t give you its effect immediately and does it over a period of time so if you had 99 HP and used it while in the storm you could be taking 20 points of damage that the slurper counters so if you make it out of the storm in time before you take any more damage you can stay around that 99 range afterwards but if you have 90 health and use a med kit in the storm you’ll have your health go up to 100 but then you’ll start losing a lot of that until you’re finally out of storm.

Well slurps aren’t that useful in too many situations for you to actually stock of you in your inventory they maybe something worth considering a spot for if you like playing risky and in the storm now as for impulse grenades impulse grenades can be used to get yourself out of the storm by simply throwing them at the grunt but you can also throw them behind your friends that may not have made it out of a tough storm and this will actually knock them out if they’re right near the edge additionally even if a player is down using a guided missile you can pick that down to player up with the guided missile and you can carry them out of the storm the probability of you finding Launchpad has been increased by 25% as of the latest update so there are now many ways to make it out of the storm number 2 going to the same house as someone else is a bad idea but if you don’t have a choice then go to the bottom of that house now this one is probably a no-brainer for experienced players and not so much of a secret as it is a tip but all of us have done this so much before we actually got the hang of four-night so it’s worth a spot on this list what I’m talking about is diving down to the same roof that someone else is also targeting now sometimes this is due to poor judgment and other times it’s out of desperation or because you land it too late but if another building isn’t too close but whatever the case may be it’s too risky dropping down to the same building either means a you’ll try to ask each other to death and so basically wasting a game because either you’ll die or you will lose enough health to where even if you kill the opposing player you just die off just one shot to your body afterwards if someone spots you or B both of you will try to find a gun first and whoever gets one first will probably eliminate the other immediately or even if both of you get a gun you’ll get into a situation where you’re so close to each other that you’ll both end up really hurt so even if you win the gunfight you’ll probably die really quickly if someone spots you afterwards.

So diving down too close to an enemy player will guarantee you getting either critically wounded or dead so just don’t do it whoever gets a gun or a shotgun first will most likely win that fight but if you get into one of those situations where a bunch of people are unexpectedly landing at the location you’re going to well in that case what you want to do is try to land at the bottom of the house actually if you’re going residential I would land at the bottom of the houses every single time the reason for that is that most we’ll go for the roof chest so if you can go to the bottom floor you’ll touch ground first and you’ll most likely get more of the weapons and be able to loot not only downstairs but upstairs before they can even break through the roof and loot the chests more importantly you can’t get a shotgun out of a chest number one don’t go to the direct middle of the circle and build a fort when I first started playing I thought that it was probably the smartest idea to start in the middle of the circle where I wouldn’t have to move that much use strong materials like brick or metal and literally just sit in that fort not only is this extremely dangerous because you’re likely to get pinched on all angles but sitting in a fort for too long in general puts you in danger of being targeted by snipers especially if your fort’s length is only one if this is the case then clearly there’s only one place in your fort where your head can pop up and that’s within the area of that one block space because of this in a lot of ways it’s actually more safe to stay on the move and continue to rotate around the zone than it is to sit in a fort now of course a lot of times you’re going to be forced to put up before and stay there but as soon as you finish the battle that you’re currently in you want to try to get on the move as quickly as possible so that you don’t get pinched that’s why the victor of most epic building battles are usually the cleanup crew moving around and learning how to build cover when necessary is a lot more effective than just building a fort and waiting around the last remaining players will most likely have RPGs they’ll most likely destroy your floor and then you’ll have to move anyway so don’t get pinched don’t sit in a fort stay on the move.

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