Buying Every Item In Fortnite [How Much Does it Cost?]

Today is well have you ever thought about buying absolutely every single item here in Fortnite battle royale have you ever thought about what how much does it cost to actually buy every single item that has ever released here in fortnight’s so in today’s video we’re gonna be breaking that all down I’m gonna showing you guys exactly how much does it cost to break I’m gonna show you guys how much it costs to actually buy every single item that has ever release herein for tonight I mean it could be something crazy like $10,000 I don’t exactly know I’m gonna go through and calculate up everything show it you guys here.

How much does it actually cost to purchase every single item here and for tonight battle royale alright so as you guys know we get a bunch of skins pretty much almost on like a weekly basis we have always leaks we have new skins that come into the game that daily items everything is always switching out on a 24-hour basis or even on like a three-day type of basis so I mean we’re getting skins in here constantly and if you’re buying absolutely every single scene no matter if it’s legendary epic or rare or common or anything else like that I mean you’re gonna be spending a heck of a lot of money you guys don’t want to spend a heck of a lot of money on them skins I mean I’m telling you right now these actually do add up to be a quite a bit of money so let’s hop in here to the very first here which is actually going to be like your green skins like the pretty much the lowest tier skins you can pass you buy the cheapest ones out there so there’s this image that I’ve actually gone through and use as my reference I do believe this has almost every single skin I found this over on reddit.

I was like I can’t think of possibly any more skins on there sure there could be maybe let’s say a couple more that I’m missing or something but we’ve gone through and just basically rounded stuff out here just to like the easiest sort of determining factor which is going to be roughly how many V bucks is it going to take you know for let’s say a green skin so I have here in the green on the and sort of thing it actually has a total of 49 items so 49 items total that are going to be green no matter if they’re like emotes you know gliders you know skins anything else like that there’s gonna be 49 total items we’ve actually broken it down here just a little bit more so if you guys kind of like dividing a 49 by two that’s like twenty four and a half items when they’re split because I do believe half of them here are skins and pickaxes and the other ones are let’s say gliders and like some emotes or something like that so for 800 feed bucks for half of the items for skins and pickaxes that’s gonna run you over a hundred and ninety six dollars if you actually go for the other half of the items that is going to be a total of a hundred and twenty two and a half dollars if you do some quick maps you will actually be able to add this up and say that if you were to buy absolutely every single you know look regular or green common item in fortnight as the curtain point in time you have spent over three hundred and eighteen dollars so I’m not sure if you guys are able to see that but that’s $318 I just went through on my calculator added this up and we have spent over three hundred eighteen dollars just to get the green items here in Forth and that’s not counting you know the blue the purple or the you know the orange items you know basically they’re rare the car the the rare the epic and the legendary item so that’s pretty crazy but moving on here to the blue items basically how many do we have so we have a total of 76 rare items in fortnight that are blue so in this categories actually split down here just even a little bit more so we have stuff that costs 1,200 V bucks.

We have sell that cost 800 and then we have stuff that cost 500 V bucks so this is like a little bit of like a three-way type of split here and I kind of just divided it down it’s like I think 38 items that are gonna be 1219 items that are 800 and then 19 items that are going to be 500 v bucks so as for you guys are gonna add this up so for 1200 v bucks in skins and that being 38 items for 1,200 V bucks that’s gonna cost you 456 dollars just for you know some 38 items that are rare skins so that’s that’s 456 bucks I mean that’s that’s know chunk of change I mean that’s a fat that’s a fat you know amount of money that’s somebody’s paycheck sometimes right there if you go to the 800 feet buck items which is going to be 19 total for gliders pickaxes etc is gonna be 152 dollars just for 19 items then you go down here for 500 V bucks to like the lowest tier in the rare category that is going to be for 19 items a hundred and fourteen dollars so if I do some more quick maths this actually adds up to justify the entire blue category this adds up to seven hundred and twenty two dollars so you spent four hundred and fifty-six I believe on like the first time and now you’re spending seven hundred and twenty two to buy every single rare item which is that’s mind-blowing seven hundred twenty two dollars on skins I do want to say though that if you guys do happen to want to get yourself some free skins glider’s V bucks anything else like that I do have a sponsor that has been oh so kind to me and they are the top link in the description below you guys go ahead and download their app they’ll actually get you some free skins feed bucks and everything like that.

Moving on here to the epoch / purple items these don’t really differ too much these are basically almost just like entirely of skins and stuff like that so if you have a total of 77 items at 1,500 V bucks a piece this is going to get very pricey very fast so this is actually going to cost you for 77 items doesn’t cost you a thousand one hundred and fifteen dollars so I believe we had 456 bucks with seven hundred twenty two dollars and now we have eleven hundred and fifteen dollars it is green blue and purple that has three different categories here real fast and we do have basically one more category which is going to be your legendary or your gold category and these are the most expensive out of any of them so moving on here to the very last category which is going to be of course the legendary the gold that’s 25 total items and granted like I said throughout this video these of all bin estimates I’m going off the picture I found on reddit because there’s no way possible for me to go through the entire history of the inventory because I’ve not personally bought every single skin that’d be that’s way too much money for me to spend on some skins so if you go through here at 25 items with 2000 V bucks apiece let’s go basically run you $500 just for 25 items so we’ve spent a heck of a lot of money and now for the grand total to be able to say you know how much have you spent on Fortnite items how much of you spent on V bucks how much are you like having to actually you know spend to be able to get every single item here in fortnight Battle Royale.

Well I’ve calculated this up and like I said this is going to be a bit of a rough estimate I mean this actually nowhere close to ten thousand dollars but I mean it’s still a hefty hefty chunk of change I mean when I say this it is a hefty one of me that that’s that’s no exaggeration you are going to spend a total of just a rough estimate of two thousand six hundred and thirty-five dollars to be able get every skin in fortnight Battle Royale I mean this is basically me spending two thousand six hundred plus dollars to get every skin in a video game no matter if it’s a glider it’s if it’s an emot– no matter if it’s like uh you know a pickaxe anything else like that anything you can buy in the item shop it’s going to run you roughly two thousand six hundred and thirty-five dollars to get every single item and to me that’s absolutely mind-blowing that there’s actually that much money that can be spent on skins I kind of want to know down in the comments section below from you guys how many skins do you have in fortnight battle royale I mean I pretty much have at least you know five ten twenty different type of skins in here but primarily because you know I went through and I bought the whole season through battle pass so I got a good amount of skins that way you know emotes and all that sort of stuff but I really haven’t spent too too much of my own money on you know just you know skins that are going to be coming into the item shop I mean granted they it’s super cool so they have every single skin but realistically speaking I don’t feel compelled to spend two thousand six hundred plus dollars of my own money out of my pocket you know to just be able to have some cool stuff in game I don’t swap my skins out nearly that often so like I said let me know down in the comments section below we know how many skins do you guys actually have them are you rocking with no skins at all nothing just period you’re walking the bare basic stuff you got with a free game.

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