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It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for so when Epic Games asked me to try out their new battle royale game I always thought it was a rhetorical question have you have you seen my son have you seen my saw so I’ll partnered up with him for this video to teach you how to battle royale and let you know that it comes out on September 26 as a free to play as in no dollars required as a standalone on PC ps4 and Xbox one but you’re welcome to test it out until then if you already own Fortnight we’re also adding a squad mode of the 26 where you can play with up to three friends but as of right now it’s solo mode only and they will quite literally ban you if you team up with other players so it’s never been a better time to not have any friends declare societies to scam and play alone at least for the next few days and I know you’re gonna ask it’s about a royale game so that means it must be just like player run but enough of the boring stuff.

Let’s start murdering people and when it comes to battle royale games it’s actually much less about murdering people and much more about not being murdered and although I could condense that into a 10 second tutorial step 1 don’t die step 2 never forget rule number 1 and that’s about it be sure to LIKE favorite subscribe and carpet-bomb that muffin like button on instagram it’s a little more complicated than that especially if you want to use the laughable cartoon physics to bamboozle opponents into embarrassing deaths but let me start from the beginning the game starts with your typical loading lobby where everyone is either afk shooting each other in the face bouncing on tires door trying to Benny whip to some music that doesn’t match at all that is so bad I almost wish you were dabbing please start dad 90 seconds later you’re all loaded up onto the battle bus where you get to voluntarily jump out onto the island which isn’t difficult to understand because all you’re doing is pressing spacebar right the average player gets this horribly wrong because they jump out way too early and aim for big landmarks where ton of players are gonna land right beside them you want to jump off the bus extremely late and aim for a remote location where you can find decent loot and most importantly zero other players and here’s why you can kill 99 people in this game and still lose.

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I didn’t forget an audio track this is intentional silence for emphasis I have quite literally seen a guy go on a rampage kill nearly everybody except for one last guy and then accidentally kill himself from fall damage and lose the game not even joking oh you did smother the game isn’t about maximizing your kills it’s about minimizing your deaths so avoiding some other players is exactly what you want which is why you want to land in an isolated area find a decent weapon because they’re ubiquitous and murder someone with better loot that emerged as a survivor for one of those big cities oh oh yeah why would I ever bother with the pandemonium of the first five minutes where half of the Hunter players died when I can just wait a little while Punk some flunky for his lunch money which in this case is talk to your loot and start moving towards the safe zone the safe zone is randomly generated and indicated as a white circle on your map with a temporary blue circle outside of it which closes in after a short period of time and oh baby do you not want to be outside of it if you find yourself outside of the blue circle you’ll be constantly damaged and it’s only like 1 or 2 health in the early stages but later on it can kill you in a matter of seconds.

So do yourself a favor and haul ass to the white circle as fast as humanly possible of course the whole reason that this ever-shrinking blue wall exists is to force players into each other and determine a winner faster so don’t be resentful that it killed you it’s what keeps the game from being a giant boring game of hide-and-seek so now that you know how the game works you’re probably asking yourself how to win it and seeing as I could probably go undefeated in Battle Royale without a functioning pair of eyes it’s not that hard man wow that was not even that hard man guns are a solid place to start because once you move beyond the looting phase and into the shrinking phase you’ll have to prioritize your inventory slots so here goes pistols garbage the only time you should ever be using a pistol is that there’s nothing else available because your pick acts as a killing tool sucks even more so although they’re fun to spam and they are definitely garbage to your weaponry shotguns are bitch unless you’re close enough to coffin the opponent you’re firing at don’t ever use shotguns like I’ve had instances where the only reason that I want a game and the final one if you want is because the other guy was dense enough to use a shotgun and lost out to my m16 I’m just gonna call that why shotguns are trash txt I will concede that the pump shot E is super satisfying to get headshots with and two feet away but apart from that still garbage oh oh I’m gonna have to race this guy I don’t think he saw me though if he finds some m16 on the ground floor.

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I swear to god this is gonna have to do come on buddy jackpot yes smg’s garbage so garbage in fact they’re not even what I’m talking about I’m not even gonna waste my breath I was so incredibly unsatisfying last time that I ate a veggie burger the m16 is a solid starting point because even if you have the accuracy of Stevie Wonder it’ll bag you kills and at least land you in the top ten this car is technically above the m16 in terms of rarity and clearly doesn’t work damage but I’m not a huge fan of the low rate of fire I obviously think you might be blind or something like how was he not seen not gonna call this car bad but I think I like the three round bursts more the real secret is to use the P so semi-auto rifle that nobody bothers to use because it’s ultra common when they have no idea how dangerous and accurate it is which is perfect for blasting people in the noodle he doesn’t see me no no don’t even try to tell me the scars better than that it’s not this thing is deadly enough to kill someone with much better loot than you like a semi-auto sniper oh wow we did have one nice or if you’re lucky maybe even an OP they don’t call it an OP in game they call it a bolt-action sniper rifle but just look at that that that’s an OP right that looks like it’s totally ready to have a hyper beast slapped on it this thing one shots anybody Denny rains it’s not wearing body armor which is all the more reason to use it and also an important reminder to drink that blue potion instead of carrying it around in your inventory so don’t forget to grip and sip well even the RPGs are needed can be an easy way to win a 1v1 late in the game the RPG up there I don’t think it’s that good for actually killing people but as far as getting trees out of the way that is masterful but once you master the weapons and realize that waiting for everyone else to kill each other is almost a guaranteed win for you and I’m not even joking there came a point after playing for six hours where the only way I could lose was if someone like SK the god was blatantly hacking with an SMG that’s a little suspect I don’t I don’t think that’s legit let’s let’s he’s firing at people pretty far away oh oh you don’t do that with smg’s he’s definitely definitely not hacking or if people were teaming which is where a bunch of friends break the rules and work together which again is Banna boluses soloqueue at least until they add the squad mode oh you wanna know what the sad part is I beat these guys glass round these are the same like there’s got to be a tier list of just bad and then there’s terrible and then there’s awful and then there’s cooperating as three team members we still can’t beat you that these guys are so bad eventually you’re gonna want to not only win but win in style and there’s only one way to do it deforestation mother to take advantage of fortnight’s building mechanics I would literally get 999 wood as many bricks as possible and as much metal as possible and you start building into the sky.

Serious once you hit the absolute ceiling of the map you’re gonna want to continue to save you physics and start building a horizontal platform to stay inside of the safe zone now I must warn you that this strat is absolutely 100% all-or-nothing because it either leads to glorious victory or complete disaster the reason that I say it’s high risk is because harvesting 999 wood which you accrue faster if you hit the blue circles not only makes a ton of noise but it also makes you the world’s easiest target so you’re definitely rolling the dice number two if anybody breaks any part of your structure the entire thing comes crumbling down and you fall to your death this is not gonna work you just erected a ramp in the wrong neighborhood my guy wait for it wait for it come on guys there we go there it is we got it but if you build it at the right time and hide the ramp by quickly throwing it together when the blue wall is shrinking you get so high that enemies don’t even notice you and when I mean high I mean Wiz Kalifa on top of the Burj Khalifa hi to be perfectly clear this is not an exploit this is not a glitch this is all within the bounds of the game if you accrue the natural resources of a lumber tycoon and start remembering the fortnight has a physics engine that’s similar to Looney Tunes just continue to build your platform to stay in the safe zone and once all the enemies have killed each other except for one guy hit them with the greatest bamboozle they’ve ever suffered so let’s say some gangsters dissing your fly girl you gotta hit him with one of these yes he’s probably so confused like where in the hell was that guy oh he was like 2 miles up in the sky hell even getting second place using this Stratus hilarious just to see how confused the last guy is at what the hell you were trying to do 3,000 meters in the sky three more Z’s up I still feel like a winner just for that kill cam alone I still feel like a winner he’s probably so confused what were you doing I think that about covers it from head to toe so if you’re interested in running around in this wacky looking cartoonish free-to-play battle royale filled with hamburgers wearing shutter shades and what might possibly be a reference to I hate everything I will leave a link down below where you can try for free that’s about it I would like to thank you very much for watching and be sure to tune in next time when I quite literally become a lumber tycoon bye.

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