FORTNITE – Ultimate Beginners Guide To Battle Royale

What Is Fortnite Battle?

It’s a player versus player 100 person free-for-all Last Man Standing wins kinda game mode.

You jump in grab a bunch of weapons and start killing people, they will be adding duo cues and squads of four to queue with so you and your friends can team up and hit them where it hurts the crazy part is it’s gonna be free-to-play the first battle royale game that hits consoles is gonna be free-to-play it drops for PC Xbox and ps4 today so make sure to check it out if you’re interested in the original game where it’s you and three friends versus endless hordes of zombies.  Just remember guys this game isn’t about killing it’s all about surviving you can kill seven eight ten people with victory in sight only to kill yourself with a rocket launcher when someone pops around a corner and scares the hell out of you this happened we are going to teach you how to survive better maybe not every time maybe not half the time but we’re at least gonna give you a fighting chance so here you go guys for tonight’s ultimate beginner’s guide so you won’t do stuff like this first we’re going to talk about the drop zone you have two choices here just like in every other Battle Royale game drop early and book it to the big loot caches that will almost guarantee you a blue weapon or better or drop on the outskirts of the map and farm your way back into the circle both have their inherent risks and advantages and we’re gonna take a look at both of them we’re gonna look at dropping into a populated area first.

Personally I don’t like to play this way and in this game I wouldn’t really suggest it the weapon spawns in this game are completely random and yes maybe you have a higher chance to get something good if you drop into a populated city who you also have a higher chance of dying okay gotta hit this chest gotta get the gun get the gun oh no he got the gun it doesn’t have any ammo oh he does have ammo if he does we just fell off get rekt dropping into an unpopulated part of the map is dangerous too there are less guns to grab as soon as you land meaning if someone drops into the zone with you it becomes a race to whoever can get to the gun first not that I have been killed at the pickaxe while I had a rifle I swear this never happened but you are statistically going to have to run much farther distances for tonight does have a unique component to combat this though about 3/4 of the loop that you’ll find in this game that somewhat decent is from chests if you’re new to the game and you hear twinkling sound if that means there’s a chest nearby and they are everywhere and have a random chance to drop weapons bandages in here however I’m pretty sure the RNG doesn’t depend on where the chest is located so you can still receive some of the best guns from the outskirts on the island since RNG is in your favor in this aspect dropping into an unpopulated zone and looting all the chests seems for me to be the best option so you’ve landed what do you have to look forward to loot a lot of loot but to loot in this game is drastically different than the loot in other battle royale games I’m gonna give you a quick overview of the most important items in this game mode the tiers of items and which ones you’ll want to use now we have 5 tiers of weapons in this game and if you played any other RPG game in the world you should be pretty familiar with them common uncommon rare epic and legendary yes Legendary’s exist in battle royale but they are super rare and they’re super powerful the only ones I’ve ever seen personally is a sniper rifle and the gun that looks like a scar.

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Speaking of which the scar L is the best assault rifle in the game in battle royale it’s called either the equalizer or the siege breaker it’s always of epic quality or higher and is the most accurate and damaging assault rifle in battle royale on the 26 they’re releasing two new guns the scope dassault rifle which is called the death stalker and fortnite it’s a three round burst assault rifle however it has a scope and anything with the scope in this game is amazing so be on the lookout for this one the other gun they’re releasing is the tactical submachine gun this gun is supposed to be for close to medium range the original SMGs in battle royale we’re kind of outclassed by shotguns and didn’t have their own spot hopefully with the improvements to this one we’ll be able to actually use them and have a fighting chance so if you come across one of these count yourself pretty lucky now if we’re talking shotguns you’re gonna want to look for the semi-auto shotgun it’s a little advanced looking it doesn’t really look like an old pump shotgun it does a little less damage than the pump actual I believe it’s like 71 verse 61 per bullet but its accuracy and rate of fire makes up for the range on this shotgun is not to be underestimated and a lot of times.

I’ve seen a lower quality semi action shotgun out class a higher quality assault rifle in a close combat and this gun in particular can actually come in three types of rarity uncommon rare and epic and each one gets better and accuracy and damage as the tiers move up now for the sniper rifle there’s three rarities rare epic and legendary but there are two kinds one is a single-shot you have to reload after every shot and another is a four shot semi-auto in battle reality most of your engagements are gonna be from medium to far range so having a sniper rifle is a huge advantage if you find one use it find ammo for it and just play from afar because you will have the advantage and then the last major point I want to touch on about weapons rockets ROP if you happen to be lucky enough to come upon one of these count yourself lucky they are super rare and super powerful they are basically a blast radius of instant death enjoy them because ammo is very limited they also have a grenade launcher in the game but the long delay and weird trajectory of the grenades make it very difficult to use without a little luck lastly pick up everything you see and Ken because you never know when those four rockets randomly grabbed from a chest will come in handy real quick let’s just touch on what the rarity of guns actually means most guns lying around on the map will be great and that means they are common quality which really means nothing except two things they do less damage and more importantly have less accuracy than they’re rare and epic counterparts so always look for a blue or green counterpart to the current gun you have if you have a green one you see a blue there is no need to carry both of them around so I got two more bonus tip three guys the first one is crouching what crouching actually does it reduces the reticle size.

I’m not sure if it actually makes it a gun more accurate but it reduces the reticle size to make more pinpoint shots secondly make sure you loot everything and loot quickly it’s almost best to just go over somebody you’ve killed or you find items and just smash the e key just to pick up everything you can and when you have a moment of time go through everything you need to get rid of when you’re picking up stuff or when you’re farming materials you are super vulnerable and this is when you’re gonna die most of the times this is when you’re gonna be attacked or shot or snipe or anything like that when you don’t have your weapon out when your back is to the wall this is when it’s gonna happen so just remember guys look quickly and loot off you also have three kinds of healing and shield items the first and most common is the bandage they drop into stacks of five and heal a little bit of health 15 to be precise every single time you use them however they only Healy 275 health and no higher always try to have a few of these on hand the second item is a med kit same thing as the bandage it heals you and you can only carry three but this heals you for 100 health so even if you have six health left over after a fight use one of these and you’re instantly back to full lastly and most importantly our shield potions these are probably the most important pick up in the entire game but they are somewhat rare each one adds 50 shield to your character for a total of 100 these do not mitigate damage in any way they just act as extra health points if you get into a firefight with someone who has full shield and full health you’re most likely going to die me personally based on other games of this kind I think they need to have these drop more frequently or take them out of the game altogether but just make sure you look for these things because they will dramatically increase your survival let’s talk about traversing the map safely this is where fortnite battle royale really comes into its own like if you ever played any kind of a battle royale game you know that feeling when you’re in the top five the circle is getting smaller and smaller and you get shot from a half way across the map from somewhere who didn’t even see coming.

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You have options lots of options you can build in fortnite don’t run and look for cover make your own this is really helpful when it’s down to the final rings and someone gets behind you or if you’re new to fortnite you can attack trees rocks and cars basically everything from materials these materials let you build structures and you can even add windows but be careful because enough bullets will drop one of these things down if you’re not paying attention if someone gets behind you and start shooting feel free to turn around drop a bunch of walls and start backpedaling to safety enough bullets will drop some but you can always build another while we’re on the topic of traversing the map safely let me talk to you about two other things you can use to have an advantage over your opponent the first one is that since it’s a third-person game make sure to use that always take your time in always I mean always peek around corners before you move into a room countless times I’ve been killed because I rushed into a room I wasn’t paying attention and I thought it was empty take your time always I mean always peek around corners before you move into a LAN one of the biggest hints I can give you while traversing the map is sound in this game there are a ton of visual and sound cues to help you know where someone is if you think someone’s around make sure you crouch because it muffles your footsteps you can actually clock which way an enemy is coming from by just listening to your headphones this is super helpful if you’re hiding in a house you think someone’s outside but you’re not sure just listen cuz most likely they’ll be sprinting last but not least we have the blue ring the shield the death bubble whatever you want to call it this thing is actually more of a threat from the 99 other people you just jumped out of a bus with bad beginning jump boom dead bad time for a firefight it doesn’t care you need to always keep an eye out on your position and where you are relative to this thing if you’re far away forget looting and just book it into a safe zone.

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