Fortnite Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Welcome To My Ultimate Fortnite Beginner’s Guide

Building Tips, Loadouts & Tips & Tricks

We’re going to be covering everything that you need to know with just getting into fortnite.

I’m going to be covering everything you need to know from buildings control settings building a loadout what guns to use how meds work out to get full shields efficiently materials to farm the whole nine hope you guys are excited to learn something now I may end up missing a few things but that’s the case you can check the comments down below if there’s something massive that I missed it will be in a pain comment at the top now that being said let’s get in to the first bit of this video which is going to be the settings when you first come into fortnite now normally you wouldn’t think that settings have that much of an impact but surprisingly they do especially when you come into the video settings this one actually has the most impact aside from the fact that you can change a few key vines in the game settings now you wouldn’t think that you would have massive change massive changes in the video settings but of course view distance is pretty self-explanatory you won’t view distance on the maximum no matter what rig you’re playing on even if you’re playing on a toaster you want it on on maximum because you can see people from a very very far distance now the way most games work they have a view distance slider is if you have something that will amplify your view distance it scales exponentially so say you have a sniper rifle for example you scope them with the sniper rifle and you can see past what you normally can because you’re using the sniper rifle scope.

Now I don’t remember if for it I works like that but that’s just a good explanation for why most people use it in pretty much any game although just being able to see people from any distance is exceptional either way now when it comes down to shadows this is where it’s going to start to get a little bit game-changing because there will be a comparison on screen right now of having shadows on epic the shadows off entirely and you can see that when you turn your shadows off you can see pretty much what was completely pitch black perfectly clearly so if you play with your shadows on Epic imagine if someone’s playing with a black skin and hiding underneath that ramp that you saw just a few seconds ago you would not be able to see them like for example my Omega skin although it has lights on it say it didn’t right and I was using a perfectly black skin you wouldn’t see me there is no way in hell that you would see me so making sure you have shadows off even though it does look very very nice with shadows on you will have a tactical advantage of people who leave it on thinking they’re sneaky and you can actually in reality just see them so do anything and then shoot them while they’re trying to be stealthy it’s pretty funny how about having a couple times as well as it’s a massive performance increase as I’m sure you saw by my frame rate massively tanking ignore the party invite that I got there from a friend of mine now other than that there is one other major attributer which is going to be vsync right here now vsync is a kind of game changing if I’m entirely honest if you turn vsync on and that’s how you play.

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I highly recommend turning it off and seeing if you play better because you most likely will you live vsync does it makes it so that you have a slight amount of input to delay when it comes to your mouse and because of that you won’t miss or you won’t hit as many shots as you would think because when you turn it off your mouse is pinpoint accurate when you have vsync on it takes a like a split millisecond to get to where your mouse actually is there’s a little bit of input lag now you wouldn’t think that that’s a lot but literally when I first started playing fortnite I was wondering why I just I couldn’t hit Snipes I couldn’t hit people with shotguns I just couldn’t play the damn game I was awful and I went to my settings and I was at the point of about giving up I was like did I really look did I really really leave vsync on for the past like months and a half did that just happen and that turned vsync off when I went at a 10k the next game so that that is why I recommend playing with vsync off now with that being said let’s pop over to the game settings this is where things are going to start getting a little bit more interesting coming into my sensitivity is going to be all debated on you in fortnite I would honestly recommend playing on a high sensitivity I like playing on medium to high but I’ve been experimenting with lower sensitivities as you can see at point 10 here I was playing at earlier today I was playing point 5 and tournaments actually and I realized that it wasn’t fast enough you have to be able to do 180 shotgun shots a lot faster than I’m able to where I’ve normally was able to so I ended up turning it up a little bit so my recommendation is to adapt to a medium to high sensitivity so that you can hit shotgun flick shots because that is a massive massive part of fortnite and then scrolling down a little bit this is where we start to get into the little game beside our game defining options especially when it comes to sprint by default here well this is going to do is free you up an extra key bind all right if you turn this on when you just hold your W key or your forward on whatever console you’re playing on.

You will automatically sprint this frees up your Shift key this frees up your lipstick click that you can change in your key bindings over here now my shift key is designated to Crouch that is the way I played with Aiden counter-strike and I got well used to it and I can use it to pop up and down and do some pretty shenanigans easy stuff with it so sprint by default is quite quite nice now scrolling down a little bit turbo building is going to be a necessity I think it’s automatically on as well which double check anyways this makes it so that you don’t have to click for every time you you want to build a ramp you don’t have to spam click you can just hold down left click and it automatically build trust me we had three seasons without a turbo building and I think if they remove it everyone would be in an upper because it is an entirely different game and just turning this off I would fall off about 95% of my ramps until I just do it after like two weeks and then auto material change should automatically be on as well but once you’ve run out of buildings say you’re running the material for wood for example it will automatically switch it to brick or to metal whatever you have available and continue pushing so that is going to be the main changes in these settings here now we’re just about done in the sex portion but coming over to controls this is where things are going to get snazzy now the thing here is that everyone has their own control setup so I can’t really give you a recommended control setup because it’s even mine it’s really weird for those of you who’ve played World of Warcraft before that’s where I where I got most of my key binds from I used to play healer so it’s just having everything key bound right and I have pretty normal key binds I use everything near WASD generally but I knew one guy who used f12 for his most important cool and World of Warcraft and it was a little bit weird but that being said I have key vines that register with a certain use because of going to World of Warcraft generally my ex key was utility right it was a defensive ability of some kind my two key was generally it’s some sort of healing my q key was generally some sort of damage and same with F and then Z was generally my defensive option.

Now I’ve translated this to fortnite being that going down my keys I have to being my meds I have X being my grenades I have F being a SMG or assault rifle and then I have Q being my shotgun key and is evening my sniper rifle key now this is where it’s going to be absolutely massive to build muscle memory right you want to make sure that you’ve got all of your building mapped to somewhere accessible to I would recommend having them on different hands weapons on one hand and then building on the other hand so I have on my left hand I have up my wet dream imagine thank for WASD and then everything else building wise is on my mouse right now I have a razor now I’ve got 12 button mouse because of course as I said before I play it as a healer and my god do you need key binds so because of that I have access to all of the buttons over here on my mouse and it is kind of game changing you don’t have the ability to do that find a key bind setup that works for you the most notable ones if you only have like a 2 or 3 button mouse is to bind wall floor and stairs all the ones that are or that you are used to and that is generally going to bring us to the end of the control section I will go a little more in-depth on the weapons slotting here when I get to building a loadout a little bit later in the video but that is going to bring us to the end of the settings section and let’s pop to the next section now upon dropping into fortnite battle royale after you’ve chosen a spot there is a lot of different ways to be able to hit the ground faster what I like to do is generally drop it a little bit before the actual bus goes over top of the drop and then just drill it straight down and normally as long as you don’t land over top of a tree or over top of a hill because if you land over something higher up you will pull your chute faster you should be able to land pretty much exactly where you want to and you see that as I land perfectly on the top of the Tilted house after you hit the ground you’re going to start running into some interactable items primarily you’re going to be running in two chests.

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Now chests are a big yellow box that glows you can hear it through an i/o cue as well and once you open these chests you hold the e for about a few seconds or you’re activate button and once they open they will guarantee to give you a gun that is the advantage of opening a chest so if you and someone else are dropping on a chest let them open it and try and soak the gun out from under them and you should be able to get a few easy kills just by doing that a few other things you’re going to run into will be mushrooms these will give you five shield apiece they’re found in the forest the areas like near shifty shafts in that forest there you’ll be able to find some there’s apples for five health piece which are found generally under trees and there will also be birthday cake but birthday cake is currently limited and I don’t know if it’s going to be sticking around the early scramble in fortnite Battle Royale is what I like to call the first a minute and a half or so now this is a rather chaotic point where everyone is fishing for weaponry and I like to employ a little bit of a tactic called being aggressive from the very first weapon now it’s really simple to understand obviously it’s kind of self-explanatory but you can see me putting it into practice as I land on the top of this roof here and tilted I’m able to pick myself up to very very easy kills because I got a little bit lucky with a revolver spawn as well as I have high ground and all these people are running into and Elle’s attempting to find a weapon while not really having an ability to shoot back for the most part and I’m just able to get myself a few rather easy picks now my sensitivity got changed a little bit because I wanted to raise it a little bit and as a result I missed more shots than I would like to admit but that’s just how it’s going to be practice will of course make perfect but as you can see I am able to see where this other guy is this was one of the tag very early on in the a little scramble here and just by watching where he went I was able to find him again and pick him one more time and that allows me to get three early kills in the Tilted scramble with just a revolver on the top of the roof before anything was really able to happen here you’ll see that this is the safest way that I’ve found to allow yourself to organize your inventory without getting screwed by someone else playing aggressive from the first weapon now most people will grab a gun rush straight up the stairs if they don’t land on the roof or land through the window.

I’ve actually done it myself and I’ve never seen anyone floor off the stairs so whenever I do what I actually have a massive advantage because when you’re on the bottom floor of this building you’re able to just hop out the window if you don’t like the situation and come up behind them that also allows you to organize your inventory to your muscle-memory key lines in peace and give you a split second to react before things go south here you can see a little bit of reaction building allowing me to change the pump cycle on onto my turf he essentially shot the first wall that I put down I think was the second wall actually and his plump shotgun got tanked by the the wall and then it went down allowing me to pump shock on him directly in the head and when the engagement now here you see me get a little bit too greedy with what I thought was a little bit of revolver skills trying to show off but I wind up actually dying for this when in reality I should have just backed out I should have gone to the other side of tales had gone through garage maybe and seeing how I fared over there or even just pulling out and going through the loot lake leaving tilted with four kills from the early scramble is very very achievable with a little bit of luck and a little bit of well-placed aggression now creating a loadout in fortnite is generally pretty easy I like to go for a set of meds a set of explosives and then three weapons now I know some people are on five weapons or two weapons and etc etc personally I find three weapons and two utility slots works quite well for me and there is a method to my madness in creating a loadout and realizing what I should drop in certain situations and the primary use is if you take a look at the loadout that I’ve set up here which is my kind of main one is that I have my meds I have my grenades and then I have three different weapon types now the main thing is it’s three different ammo types so you’re not burning through a ton of AR by using like Tommy on an assault rifle or like tommy gun from aw so you’re not burning through a ton of SMG but using your blue SMG and your blue suppressed SMG whichever two gunfights it’ll be like oh I just burned through 240 light bullets and now I can’t shoot and all I have left is my shotgun.

Right that’s basically a very simple way to realize what you should drop and how you want to formulate your loadout my recommendation is one close to medium range 1 a very very close range and then one long range all righty and we are going to be in-game in a real match so we might actually wind up getting into a little bit of a confrontation at some point but we’ve made it to the outside of the map here over by risky reals because we’re going to showcase material gathering for you and some of the piles of material that are more worthwhile gathering than some of the others now in fortnite material Gathering is going to be detrimental to your success making sure that you can have enough to take build fights as well as make sure or making sure that you can mine things without giving your position away now that will kind of happen to any smart player who knows what a place looks like and I’ll show you kind of how you can identify that yourself for where people have been well we’re on this topic but to start us off a set of pallets is going to be the primary material source for wood wood is going to be the main resource that most people gather and the one that I generally go for I don’t bother going for brick or metal if I wind up with it it’s probably because I killed someone and they had it on them now with that being said it will take a few whacks but if you hit the critical point which will be the blue bit right here it will do a hundred damage instead of just 50 damage and as a result it will kill it a lot faster you get 252 wood from whacking that stack of pallets now this will stack over here it only gives you 12 so it’s a little bit deceitful sometimes on the amount of wood that you get and sometimes trees aren’t even as good as the stack of pallets.

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Let’s see how much this tree gives this tree was 13 like a pallet is 52 now going for gigantic trees especially ones like that are not going to be a great idea but there is a way to get around that if we whack down a tree like this you see it just kind of disappears alright like if I come over here and we whack down a tree like this you’re going to see the visual effect is a lot bigger don’t be taken excuse me we take down this one you’ll see that visual effect is gigantic you can see that from all the way over there you can see that from man wailing and whenever people take down trees I can generally start tracking them and find out where they go from there now there is a way to get around that which is when you get to gigantic trees like these ones let me pop down here really quickly and I will show it to you is it you just don’t kill them that is the best way to get material from these and you can go through the entirety of wailing woods doing this if you would like to you just make sure that you whack it all the way down to fifty health and then you just leave it go on to a different tree do the same thing for that tree leave that one or 50 health we’ve got 150 Hills but about 150 health now it gets even better you guys say your material gathering right and then someone comes up behind you said they come up from here and then come over and take the tree for cover and they start shooting at you well their cover is going to disappear in about 2 AR shots because you have it of 50 health so you take the tree down extremely quickly you killed the man cowering behind it now that is for when you mind gigantic trees like that but pallets will be your main source but a secondary source will be fences fences give you 14 wood that tree over there give you 13 a fence here is 2 hits without the crit spot the crit spot doesn’t even matter you can mine the bushes as well for 16 but the bushes are 3 hits unless you hit the critical spot as well so a little bit of a little bit skill there we’ll get you some mining a bit faster now that is going to be the generics of material gathering but there was one more thing I was going to cover which was that you can tell when a place has been looted or mined out because as you can tell say you were to walk up here and you dropped here quite often you would walk up and go alright that the pallets are gone the fences are gone there’s been someone here now I’ve done that in tomato town when the place has been like 1 the place has been C forward you can probably tell there’s someone there but when the the place has been mined out of most of the pallets I know just by heart from dropping tomato town over and over but there is a stack of pallets right there there’s a stack of pallets right on that side and I think there’s another one like along the outside here and it’s definitely one there so I can check all of those with a sniper scope from up on the hill and tell if someone’s been there or how many people drop there and that sort of thing and just because of that I can start tracking people and say I scope down there I see that there was someone there and then I see a tree break over in the distance because these are gigantic trees say takes out one of them.

I now have a line to track him so when you’re gathering your materials you want to do it efficiently and as safely as possible so to recap when you come across gigantic trees like so get them down to 50 health do not kill them entirely you won’t get much extra wood like let’s see how much we get for finishing the tree option that way well we whack this fella if you get five wood for that and you got me to say finishing off a tree so I mean it’s not really worthwhile in my department but maybe you got a laugh out of it so might have been worthwhile in yours but that is going to bring us to the end of the material gathering section you all righty ladies and gentlemen we’re going to pop in game to cover some of the basics of building now building it for tonight is kind of basic but there’s a lot of unintuitive uses to building the most useful one obviously is to be able to build yourself a wall bit of Defense right but building a singular wall like this is really not that defensible especially with any new SMG changes and that sort of thing your wall can be ripped down rather quickly so there is a few different tactics when you have to go on defense for most people it is ramp and then for right this means that if you place down your ramp wraps normally can be shot out so if you come from the other side you can shoot out the ramp and whoever’s standing on it will get shot down it’s pretty simple right but if you do ramp with a wall here then you have to shoot through and let’s pop over here to get to the ramp you have to go through the wall and the ramp that is a pretty simple variation of going on the defensive side but there is a few variations to that now if you find you’re getting pressured immensely but you realize they only have an assault rifle which is going to run out of ammo rather quickly what you can do is you can do wall ramp wall ramp now they have four layers to go through before they get to you right you can maybe pop up here with your sniper rifle go for a peek pick and that sort of thing well I have to go through all of these levels to be able to actually hit you with our assault rifle.

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Unless they manage to actually hit you while you’re up here because you stood up for too long now that is the basics of going on defense but what if we want to use this ramp wall for offense instead most people when they try to ramp will sometimes do something like this right and then go over like this drop down onto someone and hit them now the thing is sometimes you can go too high like I did right here and you can screw up and take fall damage and what’s more importantly is I talked about ramps being able to be shot out so you select a fall damage there so what if I’m going up here and then the guy I’m fighting against just does this and I fall all the way down here splat myself right into a shotgun range and bang right you don’t want that that puts you at a disadvantage for doing something that should have you at the advantage noting a high ground position is generally the go-to situation especially in the fortnite so how do you get this high ground without having to pray that your ramps don’t get shot out it’s pretty simple really you go ramp wall right like we did earlier and then a ramp wall ramp wall if I click the wall now you have a massive high ground position on whoever it is and let’s take a look at it from the other side shall we right here if we are farther back let’s go out farther here shall we let’s say we’re here on our little ramp wall now you have to either shoot out the only one that you can see and then if you take this one out they pulled back and now you’re at a massive disadvantage all right especially if you’re up one more for example because in this sort of situation this is actually perfect because if you get the height just right now look look what I have to go there they can’t take out the bottom one gonna have to go through two layers to get to the bottom one and they can’t shoot underneath it like we just did here you have to go through this one to get to the one behind it as well right so people are gonna run out of ammo eventually and then when they do you can floor over to them and push them and shotgun them that is the main use of using ramp wall offensively you can do a ton of different things with the ramp wall technique you can also use it to start screwing with other people connected all that so I have them destroyed from the other side one thing that really changed the way I look at building in fortnite’s personally is once I realized that I was using it incorrectly yes you can do things like ramp all right all right and you can do this on the offense but there’s a completely different mindset once you’ve realized that you can use building was not just offensively and defensively you can use buildings to excuse my French but fuck with people extremely extremely hard so there’s there is some times where i steamroll through people with a shotgun who just don’t know what to do because when you there is a certain situation where you can just ramp and that’s when you just want to get a higher ground elevation for a potential headshot on someone.

So what you can do is if you get into a really close quarter shotgun situation you take the one shot that you have generally using a heavy shotgun or a pump shotgun even a tack shotgun in some situations there will be a little bit of a downtime between the shot now if you do it too fast you might screw yourself just trying to switch back you’ll get the little circle timer there which will screw you over click on that it with the most recent patch it may not be in your patch you may be able to just switch back and forth and back and forth but what you can do is say you take the one shot then you instantly place a wall and then now you have time to react now the thing is is that when you place a wall if you put your if you put a wall down it has startup time which means that when you place it it has to build to its full potential which means that you can shoot it during its startup time a pump shotgun will I believe take wood down in one shot but the thing is I was talking about with the cycle time right you shoot you place the wall you pull it back left on the cycle time ends so you’re trading there cycle time into your wall instead of you right so if you’re on the opposite side here you shoot him you get a hit he plays a wall he goes to counter shoot right he goes to shoot back if you didn’t kill him for example and instead of hitting you he hits a wall or he hits your wall if using a heavy shotgun if you place it use the heavy shotgun it doesn’t destroy it instantly so now we have a massive advantage alright if you’re using a pump shotgun I believe it gets destroyed in one shot but even then that still trades this because if you shoot it fast enough and do like this and then switch back I screwed it up there but you know what I mean you’re now ready for your second cycle when he’s when he takes out your wall so he takes out your wall and you’ve already hit him once well the time this wall goes down he’s now cocking his pump shotgun and you’re able to just blast him in the forehead again and has to fight over with now that’s the simple uses of just using a wall you can do the exact same thing with ramp so say you’re pushing up on someone shotgun to ramp but they’re underneath it jump over them shotgun shot bang GG game’s over.

Now there is another couple other uses for ramps as well which if we come down here this is the perfect situation say you’re holding an angle like this right you’re holding angle make sure you’re always on the right side because then you can do things like this you can peek around it Larry and I hope in hell that they see you doing this right you peek around it pop out bang GG game’s over but now what you can also do is you can get you can get that early shot and then use the cycle time advantage that I was talking about earlier right you jump up it ramp right how smart is that now just because you’ve done that this not only gives you enough cycle time that you can reset your shotgun and then be able to shoot again in case they destroy it remember I talked about building times right even with a heavy shotgun destroy instantly now if they’re using something like an assault rifle it may destroy quickly but that gives you the cycle time to get the second shot up as opposed to going bang pulling back moving bang alright you can still do that that’s long as you play cover if you jump out here you hit he hits you you try and jump back you have the advantage but if you don’t click just perfectly fast enough you’re probably gonna die so you’re able to use building to create these sorts of situations very quickly now what you can also do is if you don’t want a ramp you can be even cheekier right pop out bank wall edit bang alright that’s why I having key vines that you know is absolutely exceptional because notice how I know that my shotgun key is cute we talked about this earlier in the control section this makes it so that we notice how when I go to my buildings my buildings are my mouse so if I go to buildings and I click it it doesn’t automatically switch me back to my shotgun I just know that my shotgun key is Q so I can switch back to it fast I know that my edit key C so I can do things like that bang GG we’re done you can do with walls to write edit confirm shotgun bang like so and the other trick you can do with edit is if you just actually changed a little bit yeah we used to be able to edit out like parts of this and you could just see straight through it but let’s seems to have been a little bit fixed so ignore ignore that segment but that is kind of the basics of building I’m using it to confuse someone and especially doing something like that will mess with someone’s head so you not only have the advantage that all right I have the I have my extra cycle he just pumped my wall we’re balling we’re in a good situation but they’re also kind of shook when have you had a ramp just placed in your face and when it gets in or when it does happen how do you react like what do you think the moment you’re down here you’re at someone and then they just places ramp in your face all right now there is also counter play to situations like this right say their ramp walling you like this play ramp wall and they go to jump over and shotgun you now what I like to do is if I’m on the lower side and I didn’t ramp wall them myself.

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So I only have 10 material and they had 20 it was a nightly game fight and they ramp wall right and I’m coming up on him I hit him he goes to ramp wall jump up wall him off now he gets very very confused because he goes to jump over hits the wall goes what the hell has to react to go down this way and then by that time because you’re the one on the offensive right you’re the one with make them to play so you go up here you know exactly what you’re doing shotgun come around bang like so before he cave react by the time his brain processes that there’s a wall in front of him goes to jump off you’ve already hit him the head and then once you do that you come around bang wall wall even more confused because he just went to go over here hang on was her wall here and you’ve come around here again bang third time and well you’re done right you can make up for bad aim with being able to build someone out of a fight now that is uses of confusing people with building there’s obviously a few more ways you can use that and that’s open to interpretation as well but that’s what I found that once I started employing that in my gameplay and not just using it to ramp wall ramp all right wall and build one by one such I’m going to cover just next once I started using building like that it started to really change my game but that being said let’s go into building one by ones this has become a little less useful as time goes on because what ends up happening is that your one by ones get ripped down very quickly because they nerfed the amount of health that wood has so it gets destroyed pretty fast but what most people like to do in the endgame is build a little one-by-one base and what that means is a 1×1 square so one square worth of base and as you can see generally about this high about too high maybe three high if you’re really pushing it because if you go three high and then you jump out you’re going to take fall damage if you walk out you should be fine right but if we make our way all the way back up and we do ourselves a little bit of a jump from this height instead jump off fall damage all right so you want to go exactly three up over if you like to jump out of your buildings go to up now the way to build a 1×1 really fast which I’m going to explain I need to get that material is to surround yourself in wood like so the fastest way to do it is to just click your wall button aim at the ground as close to your character as possible and have an auto build around you and then there’s two ways to do it you can ramp place of tunnel walls turn jump and then ramp here and then you go up and you do it again now the way I like to do it personally.

It adds a little bit of an extra structure to it and it’s just the way that I learned to do it as opposed to doing that you go around like so place floor you place a ramp right that’s just the way I do it started off to worry about being in the perfect spot to get my to get my ramp now the other thing about a 1×1 right is you can edit the way the ramp goes all right that goes this way goes that way that was that way now the way you do that is notice a little in-between bits on the right if you do one way like that it’ll go that way you go one way like that it’ll go that way all right but if you do the center bits you can designate exactly which way you want the ramp to go so now there is one last thing I’m going to cover but this little one by one as most people use it for sniping right I like to play offensive with my sniper rifle and I am used to just hiding behind trees because I played way too much csgo so I would just kind of use cover as opposed to building my own I still gets me killed every now and then but either way but because of using this for sniping using a brick wall on the side is actually like a 400 IQ tactic because you have your sniper rifle yes your scope now what you can use it for it is say there is someone over there if you peek right here and you wait to scope him he’s probably gonna shoot you in the face with my reaction time if you stand here to do this to scope on me I will kill you before you even click so what you can do alternatively as you can pull down a little bit and you can use some of the holes in your brick like so right you see him there pull up bang pop up with with your car key I of course changed mine to shift because that’s what I plan Counter Strike and of course I talked about sprint by default on earlier and the effects that that that can have on your free up extra key vines but that is pretty much the the use of using a brick wall right as you can see people through here and also if they shoot at you from here you actually can’t get hit so if I were to shoot in through this suppose that brick wall it hits the wall right this for you and for them so you can use it to scout pop up get it just right boom headshot easy game you can also repair it but you can also leave it damaged right if you want to use this another as another scouting tool.

If you don’t have brain if you damage your wall exactly the right amount that’s a little bit weird now at the way they did the the wall health and that sort of thing but if you damage it just right you used to be able to see how perfect spots like that sing you can see through that brick exactly and especially this brick is kind of perfect as you can see through here and then pop up like so you used to be able to like just walk out with this exact corner I think that got patched out with the building else changes but that I believe is going to bring us to the end of the building section let’s hop over to the next portion shall we already and we’re going to be in-game again for the last section which is going to be practicing and improving now I have two tips for you to start improving the first one is going to be to start improving your aim is that the simplest way is honestly you can just drop tilted towers over and over or whatever quest area is populated at the moment if you check the battle path it’ll say there is a quest for fatal fields and a quest for Haunted Hills so those two areas are going to be very very populated but if you don’t like dropping highly populated areas you don’t like dying 24/7 there is a way to improve your aim at least a little bit right now we have access to playground mode but even when playground mode leaves there is still a nice forest right here in the middle of retail row and dusty divot that you can come to and you can start gathering material here there is a ton of trees now you can’t practice shooting as well here because you can’t have real targets for the most part but what you can practice is your building you can practice your building speed and you can practice wall ramp wall ramp etc etc it’s my first game on in a little bit but you can tell them a little bit slow I mean to practice myself and on top of that you can make some obstacle courses so you can practice building your like your one by one’s something I’m a little bit faster at it could build in the correct spot still needs a little bit of work I haven’t done one by one since season three as you can see I put a few few what is it walls on the outside but I got up there in the end that’s what matters but with a little bit of intuition and a little bit of work you can create an aim training course with your wood that you can harvest here as you can see obviously it’s out of trees so just with a little bit of intuition we can create ourselves a named training course.

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I like so you can set this up however you like you can set it up you can make it bigger you can make it smaller you can make it even farther away you can put it up on the hill go for targets on the hill that sort of thing I even made a little flick shotgun course over here that will fit my purpose quite well for when you come off of a ramp and you are going for a flick shot to try and flick down onto someone you’ve run over the ramp and you can see which one you can hit if you can hit the one up there do you have one of the ones on the sides and you can jump off it at different angles see if you can hit different keeping her different targets I missed a little bit there trying get it through the doorway all right you see what I kind of mean here try and get your flick shots on point now this is a little bit more what is it unintuitive because you to know where the targets are so if you can have someone if you do a drop with someone who wants to improve their aim and you set up an obstacle course for each other then you will be kind of perfect you won’t the targets are they went over the targets or at least for the first run right but that is the way to improve your aim without dropping tilted towers and getting killed over and over and over again is to create an aim training course and playground now I made very very small and quick ones but of course you can make yours a lot more in depth and I made these just quite simply by doing a little bit of building after harvesting the wood all I did was go up do a ton of floors this is just to make sure that I don’t floor into the ground and after doing that you just put down a few walls and wherever places you want you can create a few obstacles for them you can put a ramp you can put a pyramid let’s ramp this one off put down a wall here and a wall here and now we just go and do a few edits one in the center you can do one on the side here let’s do one on the left so you’ve got to try to make your way through the pyramid we can do one on the right there and well you just created a very very fast kind of what is it called four story seals shooting range like so now that is going to bring us to the end of this ultimate beginner’s guide now I do have a few more advanced tips but those will be coming in separate videos I’m going to be teaching you how to track people using some of the knowledge that I told you in this video actually but there is a few more things that you can incorporate into your game to start getting you a few more kills every now and then and start kind of hunting people down as well as I’m going to give you a few drop rates in a couple of coming up videos so stay tuned for those I hope you guys enjoyed the content and if you did if you wouldn’t mind clicking that big red button or maybe giving it a thumbs up maybe sharing around a couple of people it would help the channel immensely thank you for watching the video and I hope you learned something as always take care.

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