How Long Does A Game of Fortnite Take?

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game. Battle Royale is a game where you only have one life per round, and you need to be the last player playing.

There is basically no way to beat the game in less they stop making seasons. Once they stop making seasons and you buy everything then you have officially beat the game in tell holidays. Then they will stop doing the holiday thing and then if you bought everything then you have beat the game of Fortnite for sure.

A round of Fortnite starts with the battle bus that flies over the island. You choose where you want to jump out (e.g. Happy Hamlet, Pleasant Park, Paradise Palms, etc.). After jumping out of the battle bus, you use a glider to slowly glide to the ground and when you land, you can use your pickaxe to collect materials for building. When you take your pickaxe out, you look for weapons to defend yourself with. After finding weapons, look around you so players won’t sneak up on you. When you kill players, you can go to where you killed them, and collect the things that they dropped. Then you kill as many players as you can until you die, or you win the round by being the last alive. If you do stay alive, the game says you have a Win Royale.

In Fortnite you must buy or get v-bucks (Vinderbucks) to buy different skins, pickaxes and gliders. To beat Fortnite you must get all the collectables, but it is almost impossible to beat the game because every year they make a new season and there are so many things to buy. But you would also have to buy designs for characters like Ice King and Omega. You can change the color of all the characters except for the default skin that is either a girl or a boy. And if you want to change your gender, you must do it using v-bucks in Fortnite.

If you want to beat Fortnite you also must buy good luck badges if you buy them, you get more of a chance to find rarer weapons that are legendary. If you buy all those that the game is still not beaten because there are many already nearly 500 skins 700 pickaxes and 1,900 gliders and there is more to come because every season they come up with more things. There’s already a new season! Season nine.

Season ten is coming out soon so start playing Fortnite to catch up with other people because if you just got Fortnite then you must start at season one. And you also must win all the badges that are on your console. Every player that watches YouTube and some of the youtubers like Jelly have their own Fortnite pins that they say in the videos so that you can get skins and badges or v bucks. So, you also must see if your favorite youtuber does that and you have to get all of those to beat the game of Fortnite as well.

This next season is going to be good because you’re going to get a new map. Some more skins that look a lot better than the last ones. There will also be more gliders that fit the new outfits. And some of the new outfits are most likely to be a robot. One of the new robot skins is the robot cuddle team leader. There also going to add a red power ranger suit to Fortnite season 10. You’re also going to get an actual robot, an alien, and a boy maleficent. There is also going to be a boy iron man, a girl iron man, and a ninja dumpling.

There is also going to be a couple more skins they are also making the red knight. There also making some more cuddle team leaders. There also making an even bigger asteroid than the last one. There also making even more crystals around the asteroid. And they might make it so that you can break the asteroid. They might even add the lama in the asteroid and remember to destroy the Fortnite lama.  They are going to make a new thing where you can hide as the Fortnite lama. They’re going to make it so you can upgrade some new skins like the ninja dumpling.

They may also make Groot. They may also make a Shazam skin in Fortnite. They may also make a doctor Sivana. Or Doctor Strange maybe. You also need to buy doctor Sivana and his eye. You may also need to buy the Sivana glider and Shazam and his glider as well. They might also make doctor Sivana and his eye a weapon. Maybe they will make a gun that shoots lightning. If they make these, you would have to buy all these skins in Fortnite. Maybe they will make the lama look different it might even be red instead of blue.

They make new skins every holiday as well. Like the spooky cuddle team leader. Or the girl vampire skin. They also make new gliders every holiday. Like the spider glider. Or the veterinarian’s glider. Or the cookie making glider. They also add certain weapons. Like the cross bow for valentines. Or the pumpkin launcher for Halloween. The purple tack shotgun for veteran’s day as well. You would need to buy the skins and the gliders to finish the game, but you would also need to get the pickaxes. Like the icicle. Or the Christmas tree. Or the guitar for the day of the dead.

They also make it so that the background of the game is the holiday like if it`s Christmas it would look like it`s snowing outside. It would look like there is snow everywhere. If it was Halloween, then it would be raining jack lanterns and it would look like kids were trick or treating at houses. In the background it looks likes kids are trick or treating. It would be raining hearts for valentines and there would be cards being handed out. For veterinarian’s day it rains army hats and the background is tanks on a battlefield.

They might make a pirate of the Caribbean skins. Captain jack sparrow, Davy Jones, Elizabeth Turner, or captain Barbosa. Or they could make marvel characters like hulk and captain America. If they do you’d need to buy them to beat the game. Once you beat the game all you can do is practice some more so that you can get more practice and be better at all other games that have the same controls. They might make an Incredibles skin. Or they could make more alien skins. To beat the game, you also need to play as each skin at least one time.

You would also need to buy the upgrades on skins like ninja dumpling, or omega, or even Ice king. You would have to buy all the good luck badges to beat the game. You would also need to use every glider in the game at least once to beat the entire game. Without the badges you cannot find good weapons like the bow and arrow. You need to get like 80 kills just to move on to season two. It`s 200 just to beat season two. 300 to beat season three. 400 to beat season four. 500 to beat season five. 600 for season six. 700 for season seven. 800 for season eight. 900 for season nine. But to buy the holiday stuff you need to use real money. They might even make some Star Wars skins for Christmas because that is about the time that it comes out. For Christmas they might make the Fortnite lama look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

You would need to max out all your v-bucks to beat it as well which they cost money in less you go around finding them. You get them by getting win Royales. You can also get them from other players that you kill in the game. Or from death runs and little mini games like crosy road. For Halloween they also made skeletons and gliders that are spiders. They might have created a Thanos skin, but they already added Spiderman and iron man. They might make all the avengers. They might have made the gauntlet but if not, they might and that would be a badged item.

They might add the new avengers and they might make it so that ant man has his new suit and there might be the wasp skin. Or a ghost skin or even captain America with meow mere or storm breaker. They might even make an agent Coulson. Or even Nick Fury. They might add batman or superman in the game of Fortnite. They might add wonder woman or even bad guys like Lex Luthor. Or rainbow raider. They might add green lantern or Marshen man hunter. You would need to buy all of these If they are created to beat the game.


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