How To Install Fortnite Battle Royale Free To PC Windows

I’m here just bringing you guys a quick article to tell you how to install fortnite Battle Royale onto your PC Xbox one and ps4 is fairly simply just go to the store search for a fortnite battle royale go ahead and install it and that’s it that’s all you have to do that’s for PC it’s a little bit different what you’re gonna do is go to Epic Games comm you gonna go up to the top corner here once you reach the page basically the little white emblem on them in the left hand corner then you’re gonna go down to get epic games and what will happen is is you will download the epic installer now I already have it installed.

So I’m not gonna have to install it but what we’ll do is once that’s actually installed what you do is open it up obviously you’re gonna need an account now I did find if I had to use my xbox live account then they wouldn’t allow me to play on the PC I did have to make a separate profile or else it told me I wasn’t allowed to play on there so basically there I have two different profiles depending on which one I’m playing on so what you can do after you have that downloaded you’re gonna go ahead download or sorry not download but open up the epic games launcher and then you will download fortnite from here once it’s downloaded and installed then all you simply have to do like I said you will have to create an account for it and then all you’re gonna have to do is simply launch the game so go ahead we’ll quickly launch here and I will show you guys what it’s going to actually be like here.

So Cheryl shoe on the right hand side there early access and logging in its gonna check everything welcome to our new or our one point one point six point three update Battle Royale now available free with squads says world general bugfixes survived the storm vent will end on to a.m. Eastern Daylight Time stay tuned for more information on the upcoming horde bash update so obviously there’s other updates too it wasn’t just to add this it’s other updates and patches and fixes to make the game better so as I just go ahead and confirm now save the world itself it’s not going to work because the fact that you do eyes did not purchase that if you have purchased it then by all means you can play it but if not all you can do is go to battle royale and that’ll be it once you’re in the lobby you’ll be able to select whether or not you want to be able to go with your solo gameplay squad gameplay and obviously two on solo you’re not gonna have any fill squad here gonna be able to do Phil no Phil so it’s fairly simple how to actually play so basically once you’ve picked what you want to do go ahead just hey you’re ready and that’ll be it that’s all you have to do today so just figure to make this quick tutorial for you guys just in case had a couple people ask me how to install it so I figure just go ahead and you know make the tutorial for PC that seemed to be the one that had the most amount of problem getting around so anyway so hope you guys you have this video be sure to leave a like come and subscribe and we will talk to you guys soon bye for now you.

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