How To Make MONEY Playing FORTNITE

What If I Could Tell You To Get Paid Just To Play Fortnite?

Yes dude you heard that right yes you can get paid we’re just playing fortnite.

I’m not talking like you’re gonna have to stream and get donations and get all this a drip no no it’s not we streaming okay there are other ways of literally just playing fortnite and getting paid now the main reason that these things exist guys cuz fortnite is literally getting insanely pop if you haven’t heard a fortnite by now you’re literally living underneath the rock look at this I mean it’s literally surpassing minecraft in total views on YouTube that is how big four nineties becoming it’s absolutely crushing the game no pun intended but how do you get paid it’s probably what you guys sitting there going what the heck how that you get paid just for playing.

Well I’m not telling it a little bit but first of all let me just explain why there is this whole getting paid thing from fortnite okay so first of all everyone wants them win a win it’s chicken dinners everyone wants those victory House everyone wants that kind of stuff right well you know if you’re like me and you’re pretty awful at the game you gotta need some people to help you out so again if you’re just like me you probably think oh you know I’m really good I’m gonna go tilt the towers I’m gonna get like 80 kills and I’m gonna win this game it’ll be all good but in reality most people are like me and we absolutely suck at this game I’m not afraid to admit it but what does someone like me end up actually doing obviously whatever one would end up doing in this situation fortnite wins on eBay what is this fortnite ‘s squad carry win busi okay so there’s $we’re gonna open up that one one win a fortnite carry victory out for 90 as you guys can see literally people sell their skills on fucking this is night there’s more on how you get paid playing for net okay well I guess you can basically just get a win for a $5 so instead of buying all those V bucks and you know I SEP trying to get wins yourself you might as well just pay someone five bucks and then they’ll carry you to a picture I mean look at this what is this five dollars this dude’s lifetime stats 400 three wins what what that is is I’ve got like three or four maybe max like absolutely unreal to display 13 days look at this you get five dollars for a win.

Oh my goodness absolutely insane 31 sold people have bought this he’s sold 31 of these like what is going on honestly like the fact that this exists is absolutely insane like you can literally make money off your friends pretty much for just playing without me like hey eyebrow look um throw me 5 bucks I’ll get you a fortnite win we’re good to go I mean look at this this is what the condition is brand new brand spankin new you know you got a brand new Ford that way now to use water or a slightly used one or a refurbished fortnite window you could buy a brand new one for a low price of five dollars oh my god we even get free delivery in two days holy catholic Customer Satisfaction off point it’s fine though we’re moving on over to Amazon it’s a little bit more trusted II make you be a little sketchy get your on Amazon it’s cooler because there’s a book for tonight the legendary guide to becoming a pro in fortnite battle royale and it’s free on Kindle or it’s three dollars someone wrote a freaking book dudes I’m not even getting paid to show these knobblies guys Josiah this dude I’m unplugging his book right now let’s check it what is this get you hot what is this season three ready go from losing to finally winning your first battery out with this full fortnite guide with over fifty pages of tips to make you win your first Royale with this fortnite battery I’ll guide you into what oh my goodness also look at the effort that was put in this every letter is capitalized oh my goodness but of course we got to check out the review see okay so we got a manual here bought your first book about 419 it was amazing and I gotta say this is better than the first one please make more fortnite books you don’t disappoint you make great quality keep it up I did not know there was this big of a market for a fortnite.

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I honestly had no idea but I love this this is literally amazing okay but we need to pause for a bit those were honestly all just jokes I was not expecting there to be like a market for eBay and Amazon within four night that’s actually insane it was not actually playing on that I do have something that actually had planned for this video which I was gonna kind of tell you guys it’s actually way to get paid if you didn’t want to like sell your own book or put up something on eBay it’s this company called I’m not I’m not getting this is not a sponsored video I’m not getting paid to talk about bid vine dudes but Vic bit-line is literally where you can get paid you don’t think you don’t have to necessarily like put it up on eBay or am sorry that but you can literally get paid for caring people in fortnite like why is this a thing it’s literally like paying someone to be your friend it’s like broke and here’s 20 bucks I’m just gonna slide you a 20 you think maybe we could maybe we could squat up in fortnite maybe you can carry me a little bit like come on like this is absolutely insane you can read more about it if you just google bid vine or whatever you know you can look it up but basically there’s like requirements for how you actually get registered on their site and then people can start like requests they start booking you like like sorry what is this like you need to have at least 25 wins okay all you need is a for it to be a 495 that’s what they’re calling it fortnite buddy you need a strong wireless connection a ps4 Xbox one or a PC and only 25 points that’s all you need to have is 25 wins to start making money playing fortnite.

As a pro fortnite buddy you can expect to earn at least thirty is that pound or euro I don’t really know that’s pound and these are British company I think it’s pound I’m gonna get tore up if it’s not so then it’s like what forty one dollars as a pro for nobody expects to earn at least forty one dollars per hour per hour I don’t even know if I make forty one per hour that’s insanely good based on similar services oh my god you can set your prices you can make more than forty one now but forty one an hour I’m I’m on my mind is being blown all you have to do is literally make sure that your person you’re playing with as paying wins and you teach them how to play like what you’re literally just like this is like traces like private lessons but for a fortnite right now I am still just blown away by why people pay for these things insane all right we’re signing up right now I’m a service professional no I am NOT no I’m definitely terrible alright so now I just you just start a new request let’s see let’s see what we do what service you need fort Knight Pro fortnite buddies oh my goodness gets do I really need to put into postcode 5mm 500 what oh I asked me in the UK what UK postal narrow a way England England postal code and give me something good baby that is what they’re post codes look like absolutely disgusting cake get started just a few questions make sure bring you the right pros egg freaking yeah what where do they what are the court other questions okay give me the questions bro what areas of the game do you want help with in-game strategy weapon assistance math knowledge build assistance I want to win win continue you can see what plopper my using PC PC what days are best for you free and every day of the week bro I’m trying to grind up I’m trying to drop money on this alright continue what times are best for you umm all day every friggin day bro let’s go umm how often would you like to virtually meet your pro fortnite buddy 4 to 7 times per week alright let’s go let’s freakin go.

What yep that works um do you need when do you need I’m flexible alright I’m flexible anything else no no give me this Pro fortnite buddy looks free to do it okay well I guess we’re in progress now so um it could take four days which is kind of a little bit of an issue for this 10 to 20 minute video so I guess I’ll just update you guys on my Twitter if you guys want to follow me on Twitter go for it out on the fly midget I’ll let you know when I get a big to see how much it is and whatnot this is still absolutely mind-blowing to me like literally you can get paid for playing fortnite  what are you were just like your friends like what is that I don’t understand this like this is basically outward trend it is this is essentially what we’re doing right look into a place you’re go I’m gonna go ahead and go whisper bro all play fortnite with you for $30 an hour it’s good price it’s good price I swear hashtag hi Kerry like that’s basically what this is it’s literally like alright hey bro it’s like hey midget you up listen for now with me uh yeah bro I usually play for like thirty dollars an hour like you want to play for an hour with me you gotta pound me 30 dollars right pay pounding thirty dollars let’s play let’s squat up with the boys what has this world come to I literally have no idea but in all honesty if I get a good deal on this fortnite buddy thing.

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