How To Make MONEY Playing Fortnite

How Would You Like To Make Money By Playing Fortnite?

With that said let’s get started. I’ve got some super exciting information for you all because today I’m gonna be letting you guys know how you can make money by playing fortnite that’s right you guys heard me correctly today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys some information on how you can make money by playing the game that we all know and love if you guys are competitive 49 players if you guys are casual 4 night players or if you’re just trying to make money by doing something that you do every single day this video is for you now for those of you who may have played previous eSports related games whether that be halo Call of Duty or anything relating to that you may be familiar with a ton of websites online that allows you guys to squat up with the team and compete against other players to rank up your points on that website and eventually compete for real life money that’s exactly what we’re gonna be talking about in today’s video because as of recently fortnite is starting to enter the world of eSports and competitive gaming right now it’s in a juvenile stage but still there is money to be made by simply playing a fortnite now I don’t know about you guys but I play fortnite every single day and if I’m able to make money by playing and winning games.

I think that that would be so awesome so this is definitely something that I’m gonna start investing in and doing a lot more just because I play four nights so frequently and to be able to make money doing something that I love I think that that’s something that all of you guys should take advantage of as I said if you’re a casual 4 night player if you guys are a competitive for a night planner or if you just enjoy playing the game this is something for you and I’m gonna dive right into it right here right now letting you guys know how you can make money by playing this awesome game so as I said earlier and there are a ton of online websites where you can compete against other players whether that be a major league gaming game battles or anything relating to that but none of them have actually decided to incorporate fortnite in it to their websites and allow people to make money playing fortnite until now if you guys would actually go ahead and click the link down in the description below it’s gonna go ahead and take you to a website known as UMG gaming now unlike other competitive gaming websites and this one actually includes fortnite’s so basically if there are matches that you can join in for a night and you can compete against other players to earn money now because there are not any custom games currently implemented into for tonight the way that you actually beat another player is a little bit weird if you’re playing one verse one.

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Essentially that means you verse another player how it works from my understanding is you guys link up on playstation or xbox or pc whatever platform you’re playing on you guys join a party together and you go into a game playing duos the person who ends up with the most amount of kills essentially wins the match and that means they win the prize if you’re playing with a team or a duos and you’re playing with a friend and you’re competing against another duos essentially how that works is you and your friend join a lobby with two other players that you’re competing against and you join a squads match the squad or the duo’s with the most amount of kills although you guys are all in the same squad you and your friend averse a different person and their friend compete against each other to see who gets the most kills collectively by the end of the game and the team or the duo’s that has the most amount of kills ends up winning now as I said this system is a little bit difficult it’s not necessarily flawed it’s just a little bit weird considering right now there are not public custom games that you can do in four-night the developers have yet to implement that into the game but once it’s eventually implemented the eSports and competitive nature of four-night is going to be so awesome and so crazy so right now it’s this weird system where you have to be on the same team as players even though you’re competing and stem but it still works you’re still able to play against other players compete and win prize money which is super super awesome now depending on the game the prize money could be a little bit different now if you’re playing in just a single match the payouts gonna be a little bit less if you’re playing in a team ladder or a tournament the payout is gonna be super big as you guys can see this payout for this upcoming fortnite tournament is almost $400 for a first-place win.

So again you guys can join a single game to earn prize money you can join a ladder turn prize money or you can join a tournament which has a multitude of brackets where you need to compete against a bunch of different people in order to get to the first place to get that big prize money it makes sense that the smaller games are with less prize the middle games are worth a little bit better of a prize and the big bracket style tournaments are worth a lot of money now if you guys have any interest in playing competitively with fortnite in the future definitely take advantage of this as I said it’s in a juvenile stage there’s not a crazy amount of money to be made but if you win five bucks by playing a game before tonight if you win twenty bucks thirty fifty a hundred or even four hundred dollars by playing a video game I think that is pretty cool and I think once people start to realize the true value that competitive fortnite has in regard to an eSports level I think it’s gonna take the world by storm as I said earlier this is really in its juvenile stage just because there aren’t custom matches in for a night but once the developers really acknowledge that eSports is a huge market for competitive players who play for a night I really think it’s gonna be a awesome opportunity for all of you guys now in regards to the UMG brackets and single games that I was previously talking about in order to actually make money and compete you do need to spend a little bit of money so basically you buy into play the game and all of that money goes towards the prize pool so the more money that you put in in a specific tournament or a specific ladder the more money there is to be made by the end of the tournament if you guys win so if you’re confident in your fortnite’s skills and abilities that definitely take advantage of this I highly recommend doing it because there’s definitely a ton of money to be made.

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