Top 5 Tips For Beginners In Fortnite

How To Play Fortnite For Absolute Beginners

Today I’ll be giving you guys five tips for beginners in fortnite Battle Royale. Now some of these tips some veteran players can use also maybe some advanced players but these are just gonna be some general combat tips to help you guys perform and get the best out of your games let’s get it now to give you a quick definition of what first shot accuracy is the first shot shoots a hundred percent accurate at whatever target you are aiming at so as you see right now I’m strafing back and forth and the crosshair is pretty spread apart right so I’m still moving here but as you stand still to achieve first shot accuracy a hundred percent you must be standing still or in a crouched position.

So once you go into a crouched position without moving you see when the crosshair goes into a perfect T or a perfect line that’s when you know you’ve achieved first shot accuracy so whatever target that you’re aiming it at the time it will then be a perfect shot now to also do this in rapid succession continue to stand still or Crouch and tap fire that’ll be the best advice I have for you as far as achieving this as much as possible because that first shot can be crucial for you and winning gunfight now on a site no people have asked me in the past what material should you use right away if you get into an immediate gunfight and the answer to that is wood now as you see I am using a silenced golden scar and I just put up three platforms as you see I just broke down the wood and the brick now these are fully built materials and of course I’m just showing you in succession which is the strongest metal is the strongest overall but it does take the longest to build so that’s the problem there with that one now when it comes to immediate gunfights Wood builds the fastest so it can take the blunt of shots right away in order for you to just maintain gather yourself and build up and as you see brick is the second quickest to go down and metal really doesn’t change if it’s not building fast enough so you want to use wood we’re getting in immediate gunfights now.

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My second tip in fortnite Battle Royale is quick building and I’m not saying spam a one by one I’m just saying if you’re low mats and you need to do something quick to fight back do a quick wall and a stair this gives you an opportunity to have a little bit of cover and also be able to peek over the edge and see if there is somebody in front of you or somebody already firing and you can respond with quick shots as you see right there I was able to get on top get some shots in and also turn back around this will also give you an opportunity to make it vision if you do need to build up a little bit more or continue the fight now for my third tip in fortnite is obviously farming the longest part of the game that most people don’t technically enjoy unless you’re somebody who just enjoys farming material but besides that the best tip I have for you is to farm wood first because it is the quickest material to build and also it can save you in a lot of gunfights a hit here trees with leaves on them give you around 15 to 18 per two hits and wooden fences give you 12 to 16 material per two hits so that’ll save you some time when it comes to farming material now when it comes to sensitivity this has been a subject we’ve talked about multiple times on the channel but eh these are my settings right now but I’m gonna go ahead and give you a recommended setting as a beginner in fortnite now I believe six six point five five is a good medium for a beginner especially if they want to be able to build but also be competitive in the gunfights and not feel too slow now if you feel like point five five is a little slow go ahead and bump up the target sensitivity to point six see how that feels and you may win your shotgun battles a little bit more now when it comes to the rest of my setting reset building to us will allow you to throw up a wall first every single time if you like that aim assist of course leave that on if your own console because that will aid you and a lot of victories turbo building will allow you to hold down the trigger that you are using to throw up multiple platforms.

Auto material change that will save you if you run out of one map and you’re in a fight and it’ll switch to the next and the last setting is turn off operation you really don’t need it but when it comes to combat controls and building controls I would suggest builder Pro it is fast it’s one of the fastest four console and honestly hit is a DAT me and becoming a better player so ain’t try it and let me know what you think now when it comes to patience it means that take your time learning this game a lot of people get frustrated with it right away because of the building mechanics of fortnite and not really wanting to give it a chance because they just want to focus on shooting or struggle with the shooting and then just focus on the building so be patient with yourself and I’m gonna go ahead and run two clips for you here just to show you how I am patient in gunfights try not to rush it and also use my positioning my movement and my surroundings to also get advantages over the opponent as she separates cause I’m behind I don’t wait a second they’re building see if you can throw a party as much as possible fantasy report arrest right now if I can at least knock one of these boys if I’ll keep putting pressure on time so you can read push around no no no no where’s the hell where is 106 so my people something I like to do with the end of my videos to start a community in the comment section if you have any more tips and tricks for people to pick up yourself.

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