What Is Fortnite Battle Royale?

Similar to other last person surviving or last squad surviving game the airplane moves randomly across the map and you parachute wherever you want to you start looking for loot and take out all the other enemies as minutes go by the map will shrink and force you into a small area so you can find other enemies and hopefully be the last one standing is this similar to pub G not so much is this similar to h1z1 a little bit more than pub G you cannot customize weapons but there are weapon levels gray being weaker green better purple best and so on you find these all over the map in random places however if you hear the golden chest sound run towards it search it cuz you usually get better loot.

You always have your melee weapon and there are five other slots where you can either go full Rambo with weapons or you can put some bandages and medkits and there as well there are a ton of weapons pistol shotgun assault rifles sniper rifles grenades grenades launchers even rocket launchers daytime and nighttime on one hand this game has a unique battlefield similarity because every single wall building car object can be destroyed meaning you are never safe behind any cover on the other hand it has a rust similarity to it because you can gather resources as you play and create walls stairs and so on to either protect yourself or to get in better advantage points of course even these can be destroyed however there are three levels of strength you have wood brick and metal for a game they jump around and fall off building it’s a little weird that sometimes you do take fall damage by now you should have an idea what this game is about so let me show you my best game and let me know your opinions in the comment section down below if you’re interested in it and if you wanna see more of this love y’all and god bless oh is it up there yeah I can make this I know there’s another guy here and he should be hunting for me by now.

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I don’t know anything well I just thought somebody in that building so there’s still somebody in that building make our entrance here there we go search this here what do we have I seem to have lost this guy and I have no idea where he went these ramps here were made by somebody somebody who wanted to go up on the roof of this building now we have an enemy there let’s stupidly push towards him there’s one a guy or there’s more here whoa that’s it man shall we do it we can pick up some traps Walled I know it’s awesome pick up some minerals grenade launcher somebody just reloaded something here okay there’s somebody right there I hit them a little bit oh my god wait did that guy take my kill the guy took my kill man I can’t pick up anything else there’s some awesome stuff to pick up there but I can’t now twelve players left if you ought to get up this wall apparently what you can do is you can build this and then you can jump on it and then like bill like another one and jump on it and like you can get to the top of any Hill that way I think you guys get the idea so you can you can reach those I guess hard-to-reach places that you can’t really reach otherwise shots ahead of us let somebody shoot at us oh all right somebody had eliminated somebody I eliminated to him there’s shots that way let’s just run towards them see what’s going on okay we see him this is not as accurate as I would have liked oh oh wait a second look what I have okay take that guy out somebody else shot at me not sure from where yes I loaded somebody quick throw of this out and we’re gonna pick up where’s a sniper rifle there we go I don’t know where but there definitely is somebody here well victory Ella’s oddly satisfying I enjoy that very much every guys won’t try this game.

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