What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game of guns games and missions. There are also games with friends that you can do. But it is basically about running around having fun with everyone who plays it.

Fortnite is a game that can have a lot of colors. the inventor really likes to make it more enjoyable the players can enjoy holiday specials and season specials. Most of the people who play Fortnite like it and enjoy playing it think that is fun I like it and I do not even play. But I enjoy watching it a lot. It is also about holograms running around trying to make other holograms disappear.

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It is also about all the skins. gliders and emotes.  Also jump out of buses loot holograms that disappeared into the loading room. Find stuff around the Christmas tree in the winter specials in December. They also have the different skins for the holidays. like for Christmas they got the gingerbread man and the gnome. That was cool to see in a video on YouTube. For Halloween this year they made the scary robot cuddle team leader. That a lot of people used during Halloween and people still are using it. Which is cool in my opinion because it is past Halloween and people love it a lot.

They also created the oven pan glider that goes with the gingerbread man skin. That also came with the candy cane pickaxe. With the gnome skin they made a blue, red and white candy cane pickaxe. With a glider that has about fifteen other gnomes on it. For Halloween they made the spider skin with a glider made from webs and the pickaxe was a cobweb shaped like a miner’s pickaxe. And since Fortnite chapter two came out there are more abilities and they are so much better than Fortnite season ten.

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In Fortnite chapter two you can swim, and you might think that in season ten that you can swim but that is jumping. In chapter two you can drive a boat and it has nine hundred thousand and ninety- nine health before it blows up and you’re on your knees. You can also carry the people that you put on their knees and throw them off buildings and hills. You can also swim like a mermaid or merman but on the top of the water. And you can also swim like a dolphin, but you get noticed easy. When you swim like a dolphin then you go a lot faster than swimming on the surface of the water.

In Fortnite chapter two you can also find a lake that makes your health and shield go up more in less they are already full. That lake is called lazy lake, but it used to be called lazy link. Like the character in legends of Zelda Link. They also made it so that you can play something called team rumble as well. Which makes it to were you keep on respawning and respawning intel someone gets one hundred kills on the other fifty players. There are also two teams fifty on one fifty on the other team. Also, you`re team must make just as many holograms disappear as a solo match in the original game. Fortnite chapter two you can drive the boat on land with the boosters. In Fortnite chapter two season one is basically Fortnite season eleven chapter one.

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There are about fifty-five maps that you can win by leveling up in chapter two of Fortnite. They also made robot Peely a skin that looks cool and helps with leveling up. They still have the original Peely skin and they still have my favorite skin the Marshmello skin. They also invented the robot Marshmello skin that I have not seen just yet. They also have the blue jelly skin that named Rippley is for fear that is in the picture above to the left. They also have a red one that is named Sludge which means anger. Also, on the loading screen the blue jelly is eating an apple while the red jelly is looking for them. In Fortnite chapter two or chapter one you cannot eat an apple at all. They also made the magic eight ball skin that makes boogie bombs look like a magic eight balls. The also made the snow board a skateboard with no wheels which is what I want for Christmas. They also replaced the golden scar for golden assault rifle which is almost the same thing except for the fact that the golden scar shot farther. The golden scar also normally did more damage than the golden assault rifle which only does twenty damage even if you hit them with five shots. Then that would put them on the ground which people call being down.

The coolest thing about Fortnite chapter two to me is that the storm can literally go so small that only one person can fit in less the two-left stand on each other. But I do not know anyone who has survived that long at all. There is also robot green alien. With any Peely skin you can use an emote that makes Peely throws bananas instead of money which I think is cool. They also made a cool pickaxe that is for Peely. One thing that I do not like is that they got rid of the Marshmello pickaxe which I thought was cool. They also made it so that Peely could have bones on the inside instead of banana.

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Also another place that you can land is not actually named but it is a plane crash and last year after I typed up all the other paragraphs I landed there and got a legendary assault rifle/ scar, a legendary pistol, a purple R.P.G/rocket propelled grenade and a purple assault rifle/ scar which I thought was cool and I got a Victory Royal. You can also find a place on the map called Frenzy Farm which is also a good place to land but on problem is that a lot of people go there. That was originally called Loot Lake at least in season ten. Pleasant Park was originally in Fortnite season ten called Pleasant Park. Moisty Palms were the original name in season ten, but it is now snowy canyon. Sandy Shores in season was called Snoory Shores. In season ten there was a place that was called Flush Factory.

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The best place to land sometimes is called Crash Site. Holy Hedges was known as Tilted Towers in season ten. In Fortnite chapter two season one there is a place called Misty Meadows that was called Lucky Landing. There are also slurp trucks which can heal you or give you full shield they can also do both at one time you just have to break the slurp container with your pickaxe or pickaxes.  Eye Land is the middle island. And there is also a place called Haunted Hills in season ten and it is now called Homely Hills.

On the picture above that is apparently maybe a sneak peek for Fortnite chapter two season two and that blue ooze is called slurp juice and the character is Rippley. And I found this on google by googling Fortnite chapter two map. That is also a way to heal and get shield. And if you are thinking that’s cheating then it is not because it is like 25 seconds to do three health or shield.  And the reason it is second best game in the world is because in Apex Legends they have the grapple hook, that was called the grappler, but they got rid of it in Fortnite.

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What I think is the best part about Fortnite is that they make a big selection for skins. Which some of them I really like just like the Marshmello, Peely, Galaxy, Agent   Peely in a white suit, the evil T-rex, and the skin called Midas. They also added one called Riptide recently, also Scratch, the golden Eight Ball and Meowsicle. And, they made new skins yet again because Fortnite chapter two season two came out February twentieth they also made Meowsicle, Agent Peely, they also changed Eye land to The Agency. And with the battle pass you get to choose either ghost or shadow If you have ghost Meowsicle is white and the rest have white suit but in shadows it is the same thin except black.

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So Fortnite is a video game where you run around shooting holograms. And there are also skins and a variety of skins like Agent Peely in a white suit, Scratch, the golden eight ball, and Midas. They also have a variety of gliders like the money glider it has monopoly money flying out of it. Also pickaxes which are one of my favorites like the Journey vs Hazard dual pickaxes. they also have the glide trails which are cool like the suitcase with hand cuffs on the handle and the skins arm. And finally battle bus skins which are rare.


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