Why Fortnite Is Free To Play [But Buy To Play NOW]

Today We Are Going To Be Covering Fortnite Free-To-Play.

This is something that is a problem or not really a problem but a misconception with the community is why are people paying right now if the game’s gonna be free-to-play in the future so just to give you a little bit of background the game was announced on July 2012 and it was originally believed to be inspired by Minecraft and it was coming out only for PC so the games come a long way since the original announcement and along with that they thought the game was gonna be free-to-play so the game is definitely in five years a lot can change and we know that for certain and the reason they’re making it free-to-play is because that was the original intention but to get some money because you got to think at the end of the day epic games is a business every business needs to make a profit so they’re doing this initial release this early access release that you can pay for and you’ll have your hands on the game six months to a year we don’t know when it’s coming out yet we just know 2018 so you’ll get your hands on the game at least five to six months before anybody else does with free-to-play.

So that’s what you’re paying for here with the money yeah and to give you an example of what a game would have done or a successful game if they had made their game buy to play where you could get early access Cole and I were obsessed with clash of clans for years when we were in high school and we can’t even imagine if that game was by to play like hey ten dollars up front you can sample this game early and I know it’s a bit different because that’s a PvP game but at the same time it’s a game that was very successful because they were free to play but had microtransactions so it kept the game afloat throughout so many people coming in because it is free-to-play so anyone can sample if the game sucks you didn’t spend a cent on it you can just back out and you’re done but if you fall in love they get a loyal customer that maybe throws them some money because hey I didn’t pay anything for it and I do want to reward these guys for making an amazing game so that’s something that’s really beneficial about early access the players get to play early and also provide feedback along the way for the devs during this development phase and then also like Cole said these devs get that money which also supports the company early on and then they’ll make even more whenever micro transactions are out so Cole kind of talked about what the micro transactions will do for players if they buy them right so the micro transactions are broken down into basically you’re buying pinata packs in the game which you don’t know what those are they give you things like weapons and hero cards and all of this with XP boost and health boost as well.

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So you basically pay to get some nice little boost in the gameplay and also get some nice weapons and other hero carts so hero cards basically you have your four main classes which I’m sure a lot of you who have researched fortnite know about and so let’s say you have the ninja character who’s supposed to be quicker and all this but you really want to play more like an outlander so you get a ninja card through a pack or through gameplay you don’t just have to buy stuff that’s the encouraging thing here is you don’t have to buy the microtransactions they’re just there if you want to really start amping up and buying quicker or progressing quicker I want to say so you can get a card for the ninja that allows the ninja to play more like an outlander if that’s the style you want to go but you still want to have the basic abilities of the ninja like the double jump and the dragon slash and all of that so that’s what you’ll be paying for and guys I just want to say as a big member of the gaming community Josh and I we completely understand why people hate microtransactions but we’re really encouraged about them in this game because they already said towards the start of the game and along with development they were inspired by minecraft which is last forever it’s been around so long and it’s great it’s a fantastic game we haven’t really been playing it lately but everybody I feel like has had their little their little run on minecraft where they just grinded it out with friends so we’re hoping that they take these micro transactions reinvest back into the game and keep bringing changes and everything that we want that we think will really amp up the gameplay experience.

So we’re not too discouraged by the micro transactions here and we hope that epic games knocks it out of the park yeah and going off of that why these micro transactions won’t ruin the game right now pvp is not planned so it’s not like you’re out there playing other players you’re not getting an advantage by buying these pinata packs which I think it’s just a pack you got to beat the crap out of to get stuff out of it because of the name but when you’re buying these things it’s all to help you and your buddies like that’s just going to help you advance in the game against really like the system you’re not beating other players and if eventually PvP does come because like Cole said they want this game to be here for a long time they’re going to take feedback if they think PvP is the way to go I’m sure they will adjust that to find a good balance so players don’t have huge advantages over others but other than that like we’re just really excited about the future of this game we can’t wait for early access we think it’s going to be a lot of fun we are going to bring much more content to you all and we hope that we did a good job of explaining why they are going with the free-to-play route eventually yeah this game has huge potential and we cannot wait to start covering it.

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