World of Warcraft [Ultimate] Profession Guide

This Is Your Ultimate Guide To Professions In World of Warcraft

We are going to break down 10 Professions in World of Warcraft

Death Knight World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Death Knight

The Death Knight class is a hero class which came with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008. In order to create a Death Knight you must have a character which is at least level 55. Your journey will start at The Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands. The Death Knight could belong to any race you choose and will start equipped with 12 slot bags and the full set of green gear.

If you decide to create a DK you will soon realize all its potentials and will definitely be fun for you to level one up. A Death Knight could be a melee dpser and a tank and is the only class that has runic power which he uses for his skills. A DK wears plate and can use either two one-handed weapons or a two-handed weapon. Wearing a shield is not a possibility for this class.

Blacksmithing and Mining

Similar to Warriors, Death Knights are advised to take Blacksmithing and Mining as their primary professions since they wear plate. With Blacksmithing Death Knights can craft some useful items and goodies such as weapons, armor pieces and buckles. Buckles are especially nice since they will give a nice boost to your char’s stats. To start leveling Blacksmithing as one of your primary professions you will need to buy a Blacksmithing Hammer and find the nearest forge. Blacksmithing divides in two branches at some point so a player can choose to either become a Weaponsmith or Armorsmith. Mining goes perfect with this profession since in order to level up BS you will definitely need a lot of ores that you can easily gather with mining. Not to mention the new profession buff that you will get with Mining called Toughness. This buff will increase you Stamina by 50.


Death Knight gives a lot of options for professions and it is all about the choice you make. Depending if you like to PVP or are a hard core PVE player the choice of professions could vary. Enchanting is always nice especially if you raid but there are also enchants that you could use on your PVP sets. Nice things about this profession are the ring enchants which are only available for enchanters themselves. Nice boost on your stats is always considered to be good, not to mention the fact that you can disenchant items you grind along the way or unwanted gear. Engineering could seem fun especially because of the nice mounts you could make and other gadgets as well as a nice epic head piece. Alchemy and Herbalism are also always nice and are two very useful professions if you consider playing PVE and grinding. With Herbalism you will get a healing buff called Life Blood which will heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds. If you are more PVP based then they aren’t that good for you. Inscription is the new profession which could prove to be useful and profitable because of all the Glyphs, Decks and Scrolls you could make. Jewelcrafting is also quite useful for any character since gems are always a need and there are some gems that only Jewelcrafters can socket into their gear.

Druid World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Druid

Depending on the spec the Druid class could play a tank, healer, caster or melee dps.  A Druid is mainly leather wearer but could also wear cloth armor. Depending on the spec a Druid wants to play he/she should choose the professions.

Leatherworking and Skinning

We can surely say that these two professions go well with a Druid since he is primary a leather wearer. Skinning is very easy to level up and we can say the same for leather-working if you choose to pair these two professions. Skinning will also give you a special buff called Master of Anatomy which will increase your critical strike rating by 32. With Leather-working Druids can craft parts of the armor while they are leveling and also on higher levels they can craft nice epic armor items. A leather-worker can also craft Armor Kits which could be sold on the Auction House and also used to improve the stats of the wearer. Icescale Leg Armor and Frosthide Leg Armor will improve your stats if you are a Druid tank or a Druid melee dpser. Leather-working and Skinning are two professions from which Feral Druids – tanks and melee dpsers, could benefit the most, but there are also some nice armor sets that caster or healer Druids Leather-workers can make for themselves.

Alchemy and Herbalism

Alchemy and Herbalism could also be very nice for a Druid. Whatever spec they choose they would always have the ability to make useful flasks, pots and elixirs. The advantage of being a Druid and having Herbalism as one of your primary professions is definitely the flying form. Herbs are easy to spot from above and if you were any other class you would need to fly down and dismount, pick up the herb and then mount again, and so on… Druids do this much easier, they don’t need to dismount since their flying form is instant cast and also they could pick up herbs even while in flying form. This makes the herb farming quite easy and really fast! Herbalism will also give you a skill called Life Blood which heals you for 2000 over 5 seconds. You can use this skill even while being invisible or stealthed.


Tailoring and Enchanting are nice if your Druid is Resto (healer) or Balance (dps caster) Druid. Since a Druid can wear cloth as well you could make nice armor sets for these two specs. Cloth armor is definitely poorer in armor and base stats but it does have a lot of spell damage and mana regeneration.
Enchanting however is always nice to have since you can enchant your own gear and disenchant items you can’t or don’t want to use into more valuable items like shards, dust and essences. Jewelcrafting is nice because of the unique equipped soulbound gems you could craft that will boost your stats. Engineering as well has few useful items you could craft. In example, if you are a Feral Druid Weakness Spectralizers, a leather head piece would blow your mind! Greensight Gogs will definitely be your favorite head item if you are a Moonkin (Balance Druid).

Hunter World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Hunter

Hunters are one of the most fun classes to play in WoW. Usually in the company of your pet, you will never feel lonely. Their surviving abilities are well known and respected. While leveling Hunters can wear leather gear and on higher levels they will get to wear mail.

Leatherworking and Skinning

These two are the best suited professions for a Hunter. Hunters can easily grind animals which they can skin so leveling Skinning won’t be any problem. Leatherworking will follow it easily. On higher levels with Leatherworking you can craft nice leather gear for Druids and Rogues and also really good mail gear for yourself, other Hunters and Shamans. Another useful thing a Leatherworker can make are Armor Kits. Armor Kits are used to enhance parts of your gear with stats. These are useful while you are leveling and on higher levels Leg Armors that Leatherworkers can make are a need. In example Icescale Leg Armor would be great to boost your stats since when attached to your pants will give you more attack power and critical strike rating. Skinning will also give you Master of Anatomy buff which will increase your critical strike rating by 32. Nice boost for your char isn’t it?

Engineering and Mining

Engineering and Mining are another great combo of professions used quite commonly by Hunters. Hunters have the ability called Feign Death which is really useful when you see that your group is about to wipe or if you just simply want to leave the combat. Gnomish Army Knife is a useful skill an Engineer has. With it a Hunter Engineer could return a death party member back to life. Weakness Spectralizers are a nice piece of gear that you could make for yourself as well with Engineering. With Engineering you could make nice guns and ammunition and also a lot of other nice and handy gadgets.  Mining also has a new buff – Toughness. This buff will increase you Stamina by 50.


Combinations like Jewelcrafting and Mining, Herbalism and Alchemy are always nice to have since they could be useful in various ways. Gems are always nice to have and with higher skill in Jewelcrafting and by doing the daily quests in Dalaran one can learn how to craft many nice gems and also unique-equipped. Alchemy and Herbalism is always nice since a Hunter also needs mana and health potions and also agility elixirs and flasks. It is nice to have these professions for raiding and also for grinding. Inscription and Herbalism is a new combination which could be fun to level up and also useful because you could craft many useful Glyphs and Scrolls. Enchanting could go well with a Hunter since this profession is quite useful for all classes. Everybody needs enchants and Disenchanting, which you get with Enchanting is really a gold savior. It is a very profitable profession since all valuable items that you get from disenchanting and which you don’t need for enchanting yourself you could easily sell on the Auction House. The only problem with leveling Enchanting is that it takes too long and requires lot of gold to be spent on it.

Mage World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Mage

Mages are the most powerful dps caster class in World of Warcraft. They have no healing abilities and they are one of the best damage dealers. Mages armor is made from cloth and they can’t wear any other material.

Tailoring and Enchanting

This is a very common combination for Mages since they wear cloth. With these two professions, Mages will always have an advantage while leveling since they can craft their own armor. On the higher levels they will be able to craft the pre-raiding gear and also while raiding they will be able to learn BOP (bind on pickup) patterns which they can claim. A tailor Mage can also make parts which will improve his gear like embroidery for pants. If you would buy these from another tailor it would cost you gold and valuable mats, but if you are a tailor yourself it will only cost you two Ethernium threads. Same thing goes for cloak improvements you can make for yourself. The Enchanting profession is also very useful for a Mage. Mages can use it to enchant their gear easily, disenchant all the unwanted and not needed items which of course they can sell, use for their own enchants or use to level up tailoring. There are also ring enchants that only enchanters can put on their rings such as +19 spell power. It is also nice to be able to enchant all of your other gear pieces that could be enchanted, because in any other case you will have to pay for it, and the mats are quite expensive. A Mage without enchants wouldn’t perform as good as the one that has fully enchanted gear.

Alchemy and Herbalism

Having Alchemy and Herbalism is nice for any character and Mages are no exception. Since they are top damage dealing casters they use flasks, potions and spell power elixirs. These goodies are quite expensive on the Auction House and by having these two professions Mages will not only save up some gold, but would always be prepared for the fight with their stats increasingly boosted. Another nice thing for a Mage will definitely be the Life Blood buff which they will get with Herbalism. For a Mage which doesn’t have a single healing spell this would be awesome. Life Blood will heal the Mage for 2000 over 5 seconds and it can be used while your char is invisible or stealthed.


A Mage could also choose to train Jewelcrafting since crafting rare gems is also really nice. Mages that have Jewelcrafting would be able to craft unique equip gems which would improve the stats on their armor. Engineering could be nice because of the head piece of armor popularly called goggles. As an Engineer you can make other useful items such as injectors for healing and mana potions which are used to save you some space in the bag where you would probably have a lot of pots. Inscription is a useful profession as well because of the nice glyphs you could make for yourself.

Paladin World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Paladin

Paladins are one of the hybrid classes in World of Warcraft. This means that they can be tanks, healers or melee dpsers. While leveling Pallas wear mail armor until the 40th level and after they are eligible to wear plate. In many ways they resemble the Warriors but in the game play they are quite different.

Blacksmithing and Mining

Paladins wear plate same as Warriors and therefore Blacksmithing and Mining are one of the best paired professions to match them. Mining is a profession that serves Blacksmithing in the way that it makes it much easier and cheaper to level up. Blacksmithing however is something that Paladins can use for themselves mainly. While leveling they could craft their armor sets which will improve their performance and speed up their leveling. At the maximum level Blacksmithing is still quite useful since it can provide Pallas nice pre-raiding gear which they could craft themselves, also weapons, shields, and enhancements for belts in form of buckles. During the playing Paladin Blacksmiths will be able to learn more plans. To start leveling Blacksmithing all you will need is a Forge and a Blacksmithing Hammer. The hammer you can purchase at any mining trade supplier in major and smaller cities where a forge could be found as well. A Paladin Blacksmith can at some point choose between Armorsmith and a Weaponsmith specialization. If the choice comes down to the Weaponsmith, a Paladin can then specialize further in Swords, Maces or Axes or Mace which will depend purely on his/her choice of weapon. Another nice novice is a buff called Toughness which will increase your Stamina by 50.

Alchemy and Herbalism

Let’s just say that Alchemy and Herbalism are always nice to have for any type of character and for any class, whether you are a healer, a tank, melee dps or a caster. Everybody always needs potions and elixirs. Another nice thing when it comes to Alchemy are the flasks. Flasks have a longer lasting effect and their effect doesn’t vanish when a player dies in combat. Even though Pallas have healing spells they don’t have HoTs aka Healing over Time spells so a spell which they can get with Herbalism could be really nice for them. This spell is called Life Blood and when used will heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds.

Jewelcrafting and Mining

Jewelcrafting and Mining combination could be also nice for Paladins. Mining is good simply because it is accompanies Jewelcrafting good, and Jewelcrafting because of all those nice craftable rings and necklaces and especially because of gems. Gems are a need for each good player because they enhance their stats which of course improve the char’s performance in instances, raids and in PVP. Jewelcrafting could save you a lot of gold and time since as a Paladin you will probably be asked to respect into a healer when needed, dps or an aoe tank. All hybrid classes usually have few sets of armor they can change and of course the gems you will put into sockets on a healing gear will differ than the ones in the tanking gear.


Inscription is a nice new profession which came with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is combined with Herbalism good and could be useful for all players no matter the class or spec. With Inscription one can make useful Glyphs that enhance your performance and skills. Engineering could be also fun for Paladins since when on the max level you could make some armor pieces useful for you and many other cool and useful gadgets. In example, healing Pallas would love Unbreakable Healing Amplifiers and tanking Pallas would definitely go for Armored Titanium Goggles.

Dugi’s Leveling Guide

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Profession Guide – Priest

The Priest class is a caster healing or dps class. A Priest wears only cloth which makes the choice of primary professions quite easy.

Tailoring and Enchanting

Usually Priests take tailoring – enchanting combination. Why? It’s very simple. Because they are able to craft their own gear and on higher levels even epic gear which is really good pre-raiding gear. A good tailor can also make embroidery for pants which will save him some gold and also improve his stats. No matter if a Priest chooses to be a shadow or a healing Priest tailoring will suit him since he or she can craft both dps and healing gear. Enchanting is the only profession that fits tailoring perfect because of the disenchanting skill one gets with it. Enchanting for Priests is also a very nice profession. Priests can enchant their gear while they are leveling which makes their performance better, and on higher level it’s very useful because of the nice enchants one can put on the gear. There are also some enchants that only enchanters can do on themselves, like ring enchants. With this performance of the Priest will be increased compared to other Priests that don’t have enchanting as one of their primary professions.

Alchemy and Herbalism

These two professions could be also good for a Priest. By becoming a pot or elixir master you will be able to make nice and useful potions, elixirs and flasks. Especially if your character is PVE based that likes to raid and do instances, this two professions will prove very useful and will make you and save you a lot of gold. Another good reason to level up Alchemy is the Alchemist stone, a trinket that one could get even on level 70 with the Alchemy skill on 350, and with The Sha’tar reputation raised to Revered. With the Wrath of the Lich King expansion this trinket could be upgraded to few better trinkets depending on your class and spec. For Priests Mercurial Alchemist stone is a great trinket because it gives the wearer 40% increased effect of the mana and healing potions. It also increases the wearers spell power by 59 and improves haste rating by 50. Before the WOTLK expansion pots had only 2 minutes cooldown and depending on the fight length could be taken few times, which was especially nicer  for the healing classes. Now pots per fight have been cut down to one. With this trinket a Priest can benefit greatly no matter if he or she is a healing or dps Priest. With Herbalism also comes a new buff called Life Blood which heals you for 2000 over 5 seconds. Priests have a lot of healing spells already but still one more could prove useful.


These two combination pairs are great for a Priest. Except these profession combinations Priests have the freedom to take anything they would like. If they would choose to take Jewelcrafting they could benefit from making soulbound gems which have a bit more stats then the ones another Jewelcrafter could craft for them or they could buy on the Auction House. If they would take Engineering there is also a benefit of making the special kind of goggles and other head gear and mana and healing potion injectors to save some spaces in the bags.

Rogue World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Rogue

In World of Warcraft, Rogues are a pure melee dps class. Their performance and spec depends on what kind of game play they choose, PVE or PVP. They are leather wearers.

Leatherworking and Skinning

Leatherworking and Skinning are two professions that suit Rogues perfectly since they wear leather. Skinning is a profession which is easy to level up and matches leatherworking really good. If a Rogue chooses to pair Leatherworking and Skinning he/she won’t be sorry. With leatherworking Rogues can craft their armor while leveling and also nice epic armor sets on higher levels. A leatherworker Rogue can craft Armor Kits as well. These are used to boost the stats of one’s armor ad could be also sold on the Auction House. Icescale Leg Armor will be one of the interesting things for you as a Leatherworker Rogue. This is improvement which could be attached to your pants to improve your stats like attack power and critical strike rating, which are very important for a Rogue. If you prefer to play PVP, Earthen Leg Armor would be nice for you since it will boost your Rogue with 28 Stamina and 40 Resilience rating.
Leatherworking is fairly easy to level up since all you need are the skins from the beasts which are obtainable by skinning of course. It is said that Skinning and Leatherworking are the two fastest professions one can level up. Another thing Rogues will love is the Master of Anatomy buff that gives +32 on the critical strike rating and comes with Skinning as one of your primary professions.

Engineering and Mining

Engineering is also a commonly used profession by Rogues. Mining however accompanies it and makes its leveling faster. There is a nice benefit that you will get from mining, a buff called Toughness. This buff will increase your Stamina by 50. With Engineering a Rogue could make Weakness Spectralizers a nice head piece with Meta socket and a lot of stats. Healing injector kits are also nice to save up some space in your bags. Gnomish Army Knife is one of the things your party or raid members will love you for. With this you could return a dead player back to life. It cannot be used while in combat but since a Rogue can go into stealth if his/her group is about to wipe, he/she can try to resurrect a dead healer and save the group and also some time the group would waste corpse running.


Herbalism and Alchemy are always nice to have since one can make various elixirs, potions and flasks usable for PVE game play, if one chooses to raid or do instances. Also there is a buff that Herbalism gives called Life Blood which heals you for 2000 over 5 seconds and can be used while you are invisible or stealthed. Sounds good for a rogue that can only use bandages to regain health back, doesn’t it? Blacksmithing is nice as well if for Rogues that choose to become Weapon Masters so they can create weapons for themselves. Even though this profession fits better the plate wearers, on higher levels it can suit Rogues just fine. Jewelcrafting could be nice too because you could craft various gems that are unique and that only you could equip which will boost your gear with nice stats.

Shaman World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Shaman

Shamans are one of the few hybrid classes in World of Warcraft. For Shammys this means that they could either spec to be healers – restoration tree, casters – elemental tree or melee dpsers – enhancement tree. No matter which spec you choose, one could surely say Shamans are loads of fun to level up and play.

Leatherworking and Skinning

Easy to level and quite useful, these two professions could actually be the first choice of a Shaman. Why? Simply because Shamans are mail wearers and with Leatherworking leveled up they can make nice pieces of gear for themselves no matter what spec they are. If they would like to make it more profitable, Shaman Leatherworkers could also craft mail pieces of gear for Hunters or leather pieces of gear that will suit Rogues and Druids. Another nice thing which comes together with Skinning is a buff called Master of Anatomy which will increase your critical strike rating by 32.

Jewelcrafting and Mining

Jewelcrafting could be one of your choices if you are playing a Shaman on the Alliance side since the only race that could play a Shaman are the Draenei and this race by default has +10 on Jewelcrafting. In any case Jewelcrafting is a nice profession to have and is best paired with Mining. With this profession you will have benefits of the stone statues that will heal you up when in trouble while leveling and even after, nice rings and necklaces and what’s the most important gems that you could put in the sockets of your gear. Prospecting is one of the skills that you will get together with the Jewelcrafting profession. Prospecting will allow you to extract valuable gems from ores that you will gather while Mining. These two professions are not only useful for yourself, since you can also craft unique-equipped and soulbound gems, but also because they are very profitable. Mining is also very nice because it gives a buff called Toughness which will increase your Stamina by 50.


Enchanting is always nice to have since every character, no matter which class or spec will need his/her gear to be enchanted. In some rare cases Elemental and Restoration Shamans pair this profession with Tailoring, since they can make good casting pre-raiding gear with it and because they are able to wear cloth. Since they are casters/healers they usually stay behind and get no damage so the armor bonus of mail gear pieces doesn’t matter much to them. Nevertheless it is always advisable to wear the highest gear you can and there is definitely nice mail gear that could be also crafted with Leatherworking for these two specs. Alchemy and Herbalism are two professions that can always come in handy for every class, not to mention that they are quite easy to be leveled, plus a bonus buff called Life Blood which will heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds. Inscription together with Herbalism could be also nice for a Shaman since the Glyphs he/she could make could be very useful and there are a lot of different glyphs differing on the spec you have and totems and spells you are using. Engineering and Mining could also be fun since you will be able to craft some armor pieces for yourself and other useful gadgets.

Warlock World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Warlock

Warlocks are one of the most powerful damage dealers in World of Warcraft. They can only wear cloth and since the Wrath of the Lich King their gear is spirit based even though they still need a lot of stamina and intellect.

Tailoring and Enchanting

Tailoring and Enchanting are usually paired professions when it comes to Warlocks. Since Locks wear cloth tailoring is proven to be very useful for them while leveling and even on higher levels since the gear they can make with is sufficient to be a good pre-raiding gear. By doing achievements they can obtain two epic cloak patterns from the tailoring trainer. A tailor Warlock can make embroidery for pants which can improve his stats, also could sell it to other players on the Auction House. If he/she would choose to buy it from other tailors it would cost some valuable mats and gold, while by being a tailor it only costs two Ethernium threads. Same goes for a few cloak improvements that tailors can make themselves. Another nice thing for Warlock tailors is that they can make bags, especially Abyssal Bag which is a 32 slot Soul bag where a Lock can put his/her Soul shards. The Enchanting on the other hand fits Locks perfect since they are dps casters and always need a lot of enchants to improve their performance in raids and instances and also in PVP. Disenchanting is also quite useful for any class and Warlocks are no exception. They could disenchant all the stuff and gear they don’t need or want into valuable items like shards, essences and dust. These items could be easily sold on the Auction House or used for enchants Locks themselves would need. While leveling Tailoring Enchanting is a profession that helps a lot. There are also few enchants that an Enchanter can put only on himself, like ring enchants with increased stats and spell power which would make a good Lock be even better.

Alchemy and Herbalism

Alchemy and Herbalism are always nice to have for any class especially casters and healers since they use a lot of potions. Locks can also make a lot of usable flasks and elixirs for themselves to boost their performance in raids and while playing instances or sell them on the Auction House for a lot of gold. With Herbalism since the WOTLK expansion comes also a nice healing buff called Life Blood which will heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds. It is nice for Locks since they use Life Tap.


Other useful professions for Warlocks could be Jewelcrafting, Engineering and Inscription. Inscription is nice just because it is a useful profession, which will enable you to make useful Glyphs that you can use or just simply sell on the Auction House. With Engineering you will get to make nice mounts, gadgets and armor pieces such as Goggles, which are favored by the caster dps classes. Injectors for mana and healing potions are also useful since they will save up some space in your bags. Jewelcrafting is great since with it a Warlock can make nice rings, necklaces and valuable gems which are unique and soulbound to the wearer. If a Warlock would choose mining he/she would get a nice buff called Toughness which will increase your Stamina by 50, while with Skinning i.e. a Lock can get a buff called Master of Anatomy which will increase his/her critical strike rating by 32.

Warrior World of Warcraft

Profession Guide – Warrior

Warriors are the main tanking class in World of Warcraft but they can also be good dps, depending on the spec they choose. They wear mail armor while leveling and on the 40th level they get to wear plate which will stay as the best choice of gear for them on higher levels. Their choice of weapons depend upon their spec. Manly the tanks wield one-handed weapons and shields and the dps Warriors wield two-hander weapons.

Blacksmithing and Mining

Since Warriors are plate wearers usually the best possible combination of professions for them would be Blacksmithing and Mining. Mining as itself is a profession that accompanies few other primary professions and helps speed up its leveling and also gives the Toughness buff which will increase your Stamina by 50. Blacksmithing on the other hand is something Warriors can definitely use during their leveling and after during the playing. With Blacksmithing as their main profession Warriors can craft many usable goodies like weapons, shields, armor sets, rods that’s enchanters need, sharpening stones and buckles. Eternal Belt Buckle in example is a nice addition to the belt of any class and will boost their stats; however it will only work on items that have no slots for gems. In order to be a level your Blacksmithing skill you will need a Blacksmith Hammer and a Forge. You can find Forges in all the major cities and also in smaller villages. If a Warrior chooses to become a Blacksmith he/she can at some point choose between becoming an Armorsmith or a Weaponsmith. If one chooses to become a Weaponsmith he/she can then choose between Sword, Axe or Mace smith depending on their choice of weapons.

Alchemy and Herbalism

It is not so common to see a Warrior with these two professions but some do take it since these professions are quite useful for raids, instances and even for grinding. They are also two of the gold making professions, which means that all that you gather or create you can sell to other players or on the Auction House. Warriors definitely need healing potions and elixirs that will increase their armor value of overall health during long boss fights. There are also few usable flasks which will have an effect on them even after death. With Herbalism also comes a new skill called Life Blood which can heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds. It is very nice for Warriors since they have no healing abilities.


Other useful professions for a warrior could be Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Engineering and Inscription. These professions could come in handy. Inscription is nice because of the Glyphs you could make for yourself and you can also sell them on the Auction House. With Enchanting a Warrior can enchant his/her weapon, shield, and other parts of the armor. Warriors can also benefit from the ring enchants which Enchanters can do only on themselves. With Jewelcrafting they will be able to craft gems that are unique to equip and which will enhance their overall stats. Engineering is nice because you could make ammo, guns, bombs, lock-pick keys and other useful gadgets and also some nice gear pieces like Armored Titanium Goggles.

Profession Guide For Daily Quests on World of Warcraft

Daily quests are an important part of World of Warcraft, especially if you have any of the professions that require daily quests.  Jewel crafting, cooking, and fishing all have daily quests for you to do, and there are important benefits from completing these daily quests each day.

Daily Quests For Cooking

The daily quests for cooking are the only way to learn certain recipes, including the recipe for fish feast, which is the one everyone always brings on raids.  The fish feast increases attack power and spell power, which means it has a beneficial aspect for all raid members.  There are daily quests for cooking in both Shattrath and Dalaran.  The Shattrath dailies can drop certain recipes from the Barrel of Fish or Crate of Meat, which are given as rewards for the daily quests.  The Dalaran cooking dailies reward you with 1-3 Dalaran Cooking Awards or some extra spices.  The Dalaran Cooking Awards are used to purchase additional recipes.  The Small Spice Bag reward also has a chance to drop additional rare recipes.

Daily Quests For Fishing

The fishing profession is paired best with cooking because you can get many of the materials you need for the recipes by fishing.  You can pick up the daily quests for fishing from the fishing trainer in Dalaran, who is located near the fountain in the Eventide area.  There are five different daily quests for fishing, and they may change every day, although they will be the same for everyone on your server.  The reward for completing daily quests for fishing is a Bag of Fishing Treasures, which can drop everything from trash to epic gems.  Just make sure you remember to sell your trash from this bag because some of those junk items are worth a decent amount of gold.  The daily quests for fishing are a great way to earn some extra gold, especially if you are lucky enough to get an epic gem from your reward.

Daily Quests For Jewel Crafting

The daily quests for jewel crafting are available from Timothy Jones, the jewel crafting trainer in Dalaran.  He’s located in the Magus Commerce Exchange, and there are six different jewel crafting daily quests he may offer you.  The rewards for jewel crafting dailies are tokens which can be used to buy more jewel crafting designs.

Another important aspect of running daily quests for jewel crafting is reputation.  There are several factions throughout the game that offer epic and rare gem designs.  These designs can only be purchased by characters that have enough reputation with them.  Running daily quests for these factions will help earn enough experience for jewel crafters to become eligible to purchase these epic and rare designs.  Another way to earn reputation is by purchasing a tabard from the faction you want to earn reputation with.  Just wear the tabard while you’re running dungeons, and you’ll earn reputation for that faction from each kill.  However, you must be at least friendly with the faction before you are eligible to purchase the tabard from it.

Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

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